A fender bender is a term that is now being used when referencing a small, minor accident. If someone backed their vehicle up into pole or bumped another vehicle without denting it, this might be considered a fender bender seeing that is was minor. Most fender bender’s might result in minimal damage if any, and little to no injuries. These types of accidents are rather common in the Miramar, FL area as well as this question as many aren’t sure what they should do after engaging in a minor accident. The question that is constantly asked by drivers is: Should I pay for a minor car accident out of pocket?

Understanding the difference between filing an insurance claim or paying out of pocket

Before you can decide the answer to this question, you should be aware of what your options are. After engaging in a car crash or motorcycle accident, you have two options, and that too depends on Florida’s driving laws. You can either:

  1. File a claim through your insurance company so they can pay for the damages and or injuries. And remember, any accident that results in an injury, death, was caused by an intoxicated driver, or has resulted in damages that could be worth $500 or more must be reported to local law enforcement.


  1. Paying for the damages out of pocket. This literally means that you are accepting whatever the cost is to repair your vehicle and the others involved without the help or input from your insurance carrier. Our accident attorneys in Miramar, Florida remind you to be wary of taking this route as it could open the door to legal consequences. What if the driver claims you injured them two or three weeks down the road? What if they inflate the cost to have their automobile repaired and you don’t want to pay?

Perhaps you might find both pros and cons to either option but you always want to comply with state laws as well as do what is best for you and the others involved in the collision.

Why do some drivers neglect to file an accident claim through their insurance company?

Some drivers do in fact decide not to file a claim when they were involved in a single vehicle crash and the damage wasn’t serious. But, this would then require them to pay for the repairs up front and out of their own pocket. Sometimes, when a driver engages in a crash, their insurance rates increase and they may be required to pay a deductible. You have to decide whether it is more beneficial for you to pay these expenses on your own or with the help of your insurance company.
For instance, if your damages have amounted to $1,000 and your deductible is $250, would you rather pay the $1,000 or $250? In some cases, if you have accident forgiveness which is something some insurance carriers like Allstate offer, you won’t see an increase in your rates for a mere fender bender.

Ask a local Miramar, Florida accident lawyer now

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