If you were recently involved in any of the following accidents in Palm Coast, Florida, it is recommended that you seek medical attention from a hospital or other health care facility to determine the extent of your injuries, if there are any, and receive the care necessary to treat them.

Below are a list of hospitals and urgent care centers that provide services to individuals in the city of Palm Coast, FL.

Palm Coast, FL Hospitals

Florida Hospital Flagler
 60 Memorial Medical Pkwy
Palm Coast, FL 32164
Florida Hospital Healthcare Partners
120 Cypress Edge Dr.
Palm Coast, FL 32164
Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center
301 Memorial Medical Pkwy.
Daytona Beach, FL 32117

Urgent Care Centers Servicing Palm Coast, FL

MediQuick Urgent Care Center
6 Office Park Dr.
Palm Coast, FL 32137
Palm Coast Urgent Care
9 Pine Cone Dr. #102
Palm Coast, FL 32137
140 Pinnacles Dr.
Palm Coast, FL 32164
Florida Hospital Flagler Prompt Care
120 Cypress Edge Dr.
Palm Coast, FL 32164

Are all injuries obvious after an accident?

One of the reasons why it is recommended that you seek medical attention following an accident, even if the pain you are feeling is mild, is because not all injuries show up right away. In fact, some accident victims don’t experience any symptoms after an accident has occurred because their body is still in shock. But, once things start to settle in, the pain may slowly creep up and you may have waited too long to have a doctor examine you.
While some injuries are more obvious than others, you don’t want to wait to have yourself checked out following an accident. Another reason why it is important to seek medical attention is that you likely are going to turn to your insurance company or that of the person who hit you to receive an insurance payout for the damage done. While insurance carriers will generally compensate for property damage and personal injuries, if you waited a week or so to have yourself checked out and then learn you actually did suffer an injury, the insurance carrier is going to be less inclined to pay for it because they might assume it wasn’t actually from the accident in the claim.
So, rather be safe than sorry, you may want to schedule a visit with your primary care physician (PCP) or have a doctor in a local hospital check you out before assuming no serious damage was done to your body.

How can USAttorneys.com help you?

Just as doctors can detect if you suffered an injury and even treat it, our accident attorneys can help you get your insurance claim filed. They can even explain what your rights are as an accident victim and how much you are entitled to collect. Many accident victims are unaware of the true amount they are eligible to receive simply because they don’t have a qualified professional providing them with this information. So, to get you connected with an accident lawyer in the city of Palm Coast, Florida, contact us here and one of our helpful agents will work to find you the most suitable lawyer to take on the case.