Although Port St. Lucie ranked eighth in the nation for safe drivers according to Allstate’s America’s Best Drivers Report, accidents still occur in the city, some leaving individuals wounded and suffering. Although the report indicates that drivers are being more cautious in Port St. Lucie, FL than motorists in other cities, what are you to do when involved in a crash? Our roadways are still risky to drive on and not all drivers are cognizant of how they are driving compared to how they should be driving.
Some of the most common factors that contribute to accidents include:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Drunk driving

There are many other reasons why auto collisions occur, however, these are among the top that tend to contribute to crashes. And if you were recently involved in a crash because of one or more of the following factors, our accident lawyers in Port St. Lucie, FL are confident they can help you obtain compensation you might be entitled to in the event your injuries are severe.

Will I be entitled to compensation for my accident if the other driver was speeding?

While the city of Port St. Lucie has its own guidelines in how speeds are determined and where they increase and decrease, all drivers are expected to abide by local and state traffic laws. However, if a driver causes a collision because they were going too fast, which means they were negligent, there may be some instances where you might be able to collect additional compensation aside from what you receive from your insurance policy. An accident lawyer in Port St. Lucie can determine if your situation permits for you to file suit that demands you be paid more money for the damages done but this is determined on a case by cases basis.

Were you injured by a distracted driver in an accident that occurred in Port St. Lucie?

With more and more driver’s out on the roadways using their cell phones, distracted driving has made its way to the top of the list of why accidents occur. Drivers find themselves swerving into other lanes, driving off the road, and even engaging in a multiple vehicle car crash all because they took a moment to glance down at their phone. But, because of Florida Statute 316.305, anyone guilty of causing an accident as a result of using their cell phone will find themselves facing serious consequences. And if it can be proven that a driver caused your accident because they were distracted, it will only help to strengthen your claim or lawsuit.

Do you know what your rights are as an accident victim?

It’s important that drivers, passengers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and even bicyclists who engage in an accident while traveling on the roads in Port St. Lucie, FL receive the relief they deserve for any injuries, pain, suffering, loss of income, etc. they experience. Although Florida follows the No-Fault Insurance laws, there are still ways you can collect what is rightfully due to you.
We have accident attorneys available to help you right now in Port St. Lucie, Florida who will take the time to explain your rights as an accident victim.