What happens if you are at-fault in a car accident?
As much as we would like to throw the blame on someone else, sometimes we are the cause of our own accidents. Whether your accident occurred because you were on your cellphone or simply failed to stop at a stop sign, if you caused a car accident, you need to be aware of what is going to happen going forward.

Florida is a No-Fault State

If you are involved in auto accident and you are found at-fault, your insurance company is likely going to cover the cost for the damage you brought on to the other driver’s vehicle. However, because Florida is recognized as an at-fault state, the other driver will have a harder time filing a personal injury claim against you for the injuries you may have brought on. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t. No-fault insurance laws affect the injury side of a car accident claim. In most instances, you would file a claim for your injuries, given they are minor, through your own insurance company.
Personal Injury Protection, PIP, is the coverage that steps up to pay for the medical costs accrued for the injuries a person incurs in an auto accident, regardless of fault.
Now, if the injuries you caused to the other driver are permanent, you are then at risk of being sued. And in this case, you would want to hire an accident attorney in West Palm Beach, FL to help with your case and ensure your rights are protected, even if you did cause the accident. At-fault laws were developed to help reduce the number of small claims filed in the court system. That in return helps lower the insurance costs for drivers in the state of Florida. Sometimes, though, drivers might find that it is necessary to file suit for their damages and/or injuries if they are serious and life-altering.
Something else you might encounter from an accident you caused are charges for your actions. Although most car crashes result in an exchange of insurance information and insurance payouts, sometimes, depending on your actions, you might be ticketed or even criminally charged depending on what it is you did. For example, if it was determined that you were drinking and driving and that contributed to your accident, you might be charged with DUI and could face jail time, suspension of your license, and the fines and fees associated with a DUI charge in West Palm Beach, FL.
Some other traffic violations that could have you facing more consequences include:

  • Speeding
  • Using your cellphone while driving
  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Driving recklessly

In the event you are charged with DUI and you caused an accident, you definitely are going to want to take advantage of the assistance our accident lawyers in West Palm Beach, FL can provide you with. You will likely have to attend court and plead your case as well as deal with the insurance company and the damages you brought on. This can be an overwhelming and confusing time for many which is why you are encouraged you to hire legal aid who can be there to support you throughout all that is to come from this accident.
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