One of the more common kinds of accidents that personal injury lawyers deal with is when a guest slips and falls inside of a business or somewhere on the property. In some situations, these slip and fall accidents can cause broken bones, trauma to the back, neck, or head, or even permanent forms of damage such as paralysis when the resulting medical conditions are severe.
There are a number of things your lawyer will have to do to receive money after such an injury occurs.

The first step is usually for an attorney to discuss the events surrounding the incident with the client and obtain all relevant evidence. This can include video surveillance from the business owner, photographs of the area where the dangerous conditions were present, and statements from the victim or other witnesses. The type of medical treatment necessary along with relevant records from a hospital or doctor are also an important factor in arguing for damages at the conclusion of the lawsuit, as they contain specific information about the medical procedures required and their costs.
The process of a negligence lawsuit
These kinds of personal injury cases are included under the umbrella of negligence lawsuits. Negligence is one of the most important doctrines in civil law. Florida, like every other state, has some specific laws about negligence, however the claims follow the same general framework throughout the entire United States.
A negligence claim has four elements. These include a relevant duty of care that the defendant owed to the plaintiff, a breach of that duty, causation of some kind of injury, and damages that are manifested in some kind of tangible harm. Simply put, in a slip and fall accident this means that a business owned failed to take some kind of necessary precautions that resulted in an injury to someone. The state of Florida has adopted a doctrine called comparative negligence, which means that even if a plaintiff is partially at fault in the accident, they can still collect money from the accident, with a reduction in the amount of money they can collect relative to their level of fault. In other words, a plaintiff who was found to be half at fault would have their damage award cut in half.
While it is not important to know all the specifics of how this works to have a lawyer file a lawsuit on your behalf, it is helpful to give your attorney as much information as possible so that they can make a judgment about how to proceed with your case.
After a lawyer has this relevant information about the injury and location, they can file the initial complaint in the local courts. This document lists the defendant business, along with a brief statement of facts that alleges how they caused the injury. When the lawsuit is in progress, there is usually a process of sharing information called discovery, along with a number of documents that the defendant may file in response to the initial complaint to either confirm or deny the allegations made against them. At some point, the two parties will either agree to a settlement agreement where a plaintiff can be compensated and they enter a contract to conclude the lawsuit, or they can go to trial and allow a jury to make a decision after hearing all of the evidence presented to them.
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