Getting into a car accident can be life changing in a lot of ways. First of all, being involved in such an accident can make a person a lot more fearful of the road and, more importantly, it can make a person suffer a lot of physical and financial damages.
If anyone gets into a small car accident in which the damages are less than $500 then the problem can usually be sorted out on its own, between the two drivers, and no one else has to get involved. However, if the accident was on a larger scale and caused more damage to one’s vehicle, and also caused physical damage to the drivers and passengers in the car, then it is absolutely necessary that a person calls an accident lawyer in Daytona, FL to help them minimize the amount they will have to pay.

What is the best time to call a lawyer after an accident?

After making sure that everyone is okay and that no one has gotten hurt very severely then the first thing individuals should do is call their lawyer. Many drivers make the mistake of calling their insurance company in order to get a quote right after they get into an accident. However, the reality is that insurance companies will always try to minimize the amount of compensation they give you, especially if a person does not have a professional attorney by their side.
When a person contacts their insurance company through their lawyer then the company understands that the client is very well aware of all of the rules and regulations and how much the insurance company actually has to give them so they will be fairer and will often offer a larger sum of money.
After getting into a large accident which involves injuries, most individuals are so concerned about making visits to the hospital and trying to get their health back to standard again that they do not take the necessary steps to get the compensation they deserve from the insurance company. If anyone feels like they have not been given a fair sum of money then they can still get in touch with an accident lawyer to make a counterclaim for more compensation based on the company policy that that specific insurance company has.

What if the car accident was my fault?

If a person gets into a car accident because they were driving under the influence or because they had failed to follow traffic laws then the amount they have to pay to the other driver can increase significantly. Florida is built on a pure comparative negligence system in which the driver only has to pay based on how much fault was their own. If a driver broke traffic laws but the other driver was also speeding then the amount a person has to pay will be reduced significantly because it was not entirely their fault.