Single-vehicle accidents are among some of the most common types of accidents to occur on our roadways. Some are caused by sheer negligence displayed by the driver while others occur because of the neglectful actions displayed by other motorists. Some other factors that cause single-vehicle accidents to occur include:

  • Driving drunk. Drivers who are operating their vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol increase the chances of getting involved in an accident. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), “drivers who consume alcohol are more likely to be involved in an accident where their vehicle runs off the road as compared to drivers who are sober.”
  • Drivers who speed. Speeding vehicles are more likely to be involved in a run-off-the-road accident compared to non-speeding vehicles.
  • Curved road segments. These stretches of road are more likely to be the scene of a run-off-the-road collision compared to straight roadways.
  • Drivers who are traveling with passengers.
  • Vehicles that are driven by young individuals.

While these factors increase the chance of a single-vehicle accident occurring, the truth is, these types of collisions can happen anywhere.
It was recently announced on TMZ and many other news source sites that a former NBA player and his wife were killed in a single-vehicle accident. Rasual Butler, 38, and his wife, Leah LaBelle,31, were driving on a California roadway when Butler lost control of the couples Range Rover, struck a parking meter, and then slammed into the wall. The car flipped upon impact with the wall and both passengers died instantly. Officers were led to believe that Butler may have been speeding before losing control of his vehicle.
Butler had a long career with the NBA, joining the league back in 2002 when he was drafted by the Miami Heat. He played in the NBA all the way up until 2016 and played for other teams including the Hornets, Clippers, Bulls, Raptors, Pacers, Wizards, and Spurs. His wife, on the other hand, was more into music and landed a contract with Epic Records after appearing on American Idol in 2004. Both had an inspiring career and had many more years ahead of them as they both were only in their 30’s.

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