The family of 33-year-old Jennifer St.Clair of Fort Lauderdale is looking to obtain justice for the death of their daughter after they believe she fell from the back of a motorcycle on I-95 in Pompano Beach, FL.  
It was during the early morning hours of December 7th when St. Clair was heading back to Fort Lauderdale from Delray Beach [Source: NBC Miami]. The family believes St. Clair was riding on the back of a motorcycle being driven by Miles McChesney, a man she had met online. The two allegedly went to a restaurant and bar located in Delray Beach on a Harley Davidson motorcycle that belonged to a friend of McChesney’s.
As the two made their way back from Delray, it is believed that St. Clair may have fallen off the back of the motorcycle on the interstate just north of Atlantic Boulevard and was left lying in the center lane. She was then struck several times by multiple vehicles and pronounced dead at the scene by responding officers. McChesney, who has not yet been confirmed as the operator of the bike, allegedly left the young woman in the road and didn’t stop to render aid or contact local law enforcement. One of the drivers who had hit St. Clair did stop at the scene and proceeded to call 911.
NBC Miami stated that McChesney did contact a lawyer and said that he would not be providing any information regarding the incident to law enforcement unless he was “granted full immunity from any charges.” The family has chosen to hire an attorney of their own and is now suing McChesney for the death of their daughter. St. Clair’s aunt spoke with reporters regarding the loss of her niece saying “we don’t know how anybody could do something like that. That’s the hardest, hardest part.” She went on to say “my niece was left there. She didn’t deserve that by any means.”

When can a family in South Florida sue a driver for the death of their loved one?


When a driver’s negligent actions lead to an accident occurring that results in an injury or death of another, they can be held accountable for their reckless behavior. Drivers like a McChesney, given he was the operator of the motorcycle, can also be held liable for injuries or death when they fail to stop at the scene of an accident they are involved in and render aid to those who suffered as a result of the incident. The fact is, had McChesney stopped to help the woman out of the road rather than leave her there, there is a chance she could have survived.
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