Small Plane Crashes in Pembroke Park, Florida Leaving Both Occupants Dead

After 48-year-old Erica Neal got off a Broward Transit Bus at around 10:14 p.m. on April 6th, she attempted to cross West Sunrise Boulevard. While in the process of crossing the road, the Broward Sheriff’s Office says she was struck by a vehicle in the center, westbound thru lane. The woman was then struck by several other vehicles, all of which failed to remain at the scene of the accident.

Sadly, Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue pronounced Neal dead at the scene. Officials say the only person to remain at the incident scene was a witness to the crash. That individual was said to have been cooperating with traffic homicide investigators at the time of the reporting.


Hit-and-Run Accident Statistics             


In 2018, AAA News Room cited that “more than one hit-and-run crash occurs every minute on U.S. roads.” While some are lucky enough to survive a hit-and-run accident, others aren’t as fortunate. Although hit-and-run accidents are recorded in all parts of the U.S., they are rather common in South Florida.

Many drivers often choose to leave the scene of an accident as they fear they could face criminal charges or because they were violating the law at the time of the incident. Despite the reasoning behind why a driver flees the scene of an accident, it is important for those who were impacted by a hit-and-run crash to understand what they can do to ensure they are properly compensated for their pain and suffering. If you or a loved one were injured in a hit-and-run accident in Fort Lauderdale, FL and you suffered physical and/or psychological injuries, it’s time you retain an accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The FL accident attorneys at Madalon Law are not only qualified to provide you with an estimate for what your damages are worth, but they can also identify the potential parties that can be held liable for providing you with this amount. In some cases, it may be the insurance company that is responsible for covering your damages while in others, it may be the driver given he/she is identified. Aside from recovering compensation for your pain and suffering, an attorney at Madalon Law may also be able to help you recover money for medical bills, lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, and more.

To learn more about collecting compensation after a hit-and-run accident and what your case might be worth, contact the Fort Lauderdale, FL accident attorneys at Madalon Law today.


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