A crash involving an Amish buggy and a van resulted in the deaths of two people in Indiana. 

Van slams into the back of a horse drawn carriage 

The Parke County Sheriff responded to a motor vehicle accident at about 9:45 am on a Saturday that included a buggy pulled by a horse. Emergency workers initially went to the area of U.S. Highway 36 and the Raccoon Lake Bridge. 

The preliminary investigation showed that four individuals from the same family were in the buggy and going northbound. The van suddenly hit the buggy in the rear and forced the occupants off of the road surface. The 2019 Ford van was driven by a 66 year old male from Danville, Indiana. Medical crews at the scene pronounced one person from the buggy dead immediately after arriving. The Parke County Sheriff’s office assisted with taking three other injured individuals from the scene to hospitals in Indianapolis and Clay County. A second victim was confirmed to have died in the hours following the collision. 

Two members of the Amish family, a 24 year old male and a 5 month old baby girl, were discharged from the hospital the following day. 

The van driver was not injured and police do not suspect that he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident. A veterinarian was called to the scene to assist with treatment of the horse. 

There was no information regarding whether the van driver would receive any traffic citations or criminal charges. Parke County is located southwest of the city of Fort Wayne. 

Crashes that involve motor vehicles and manually powered vehicles

Any time that a car gets into an accident with a bicycle, carriage, or any other type of vehicle that is not powered by a large engine, the damages are likely to be severe. It is common for bicyclists and pedestrians to be killed by careless drivers every year. 

Getting financial assistance after an accident 

While an insurance policy may cover some of these losses, it is best to file a civil lawsuit to cover serious losses related to life changing injuries or death. If a person requires constant medical care or can no longer work as normal, the person or business responsible for the damages should have to pay for their expenses. There may also be non-economic damages related to emotional pain and suffering available if someone experiences significant losses. 

Get help from an accident attorney in Fort Wayne

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