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Speed is a factor in a third of fatal car crashes in the U.S., and drunk driving is responsible for the other third.

Tyler, TX- A lethal auto collision can be set off by a variety of negligent behaviors including distraction and drunk driving. Another of those causes is speed, which was a factor in a recent fiery crash that left two people dead in West Texas.
Fiery West Texas Crash
A late-night crash in Hempstead, Texas caused turned two cars into an inferno and killed two people. Click2Houston News reports that the accident occurred around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday on Freeway 290 after a fast-traveling Chevy Impala rear-ended a Volkswagen carrying four passengers.
The man responsible for this horrific crash, 41-year-old Robert Daniel Maxwell Jr. was driving going 140 to 150 mph when he struck the Volkswagen. The impact of such a high-speed crash caused the Volkswagen to burst into flames killing all four occupants.
Police have not identified the occupants of the Volkswagen at this time. It will take longer than usual because they were burnt beyond recognition and further forensic tests are needed to determine their identities.
Prior to the crash, the Impala was seen weaving all over the road and going on the grass. Maxwell told officers that he was under the influence of several drugs including cocaine, Tramadol, PCP and an “eight-ball,” Click2Houston reports. He was arrested and charged with manslaughter with drugs charges possible depending on the results of a chemical test.

A rear-end crash can be fatal under the wrong circumstances as a recent Texas crash shows.

Drugged Driving and Speed-related Traffic Accidents in Texas
The accident recalled above has two very deadly elements that are often tied together; impaired driving and driving too fast. Considering the amount of drugs Maxwell admitted to taking, it was only a matter of time before he hit someone.
According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were no traffic fatality-free days in 2016. Not one day passed in the Lone Star State without a someone being killed in an automobile wreck. Twenty-six percent of those crashes were caused by a drunk driver.
Overall, there were over 26,000 speed-related crashes in the state of Texas in 2016, statistics from the TX DOT. Of those accidents, 756 resulted in fatalities.
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