Four of the most expensive injuries after an accident in Lake City

Lake City, FL – When a person experiences any kind of injury after a motor vehicle accident, it is likely that they will need to spend thousands of dollars or more on treatment costs. While these are always serious expenses, it is possible that a civil injury lawsuit can help significantly. It is possible that the plaintiff’s injury attorney can argue for large amounts of compensation required to offset the person’s medical bills and quality of life losses. However, specific advice about compensation and other matters related to a lawsuit should always be directed to a licensed attorney before making any decision.

Concussions and brain damage

When an accident victim experiences serious head trauma during an accident, there can be serious long term consequences. The victim will need to be monitored at a hospital in the immediate aftermath, and they can have serious long term symptoms that affect their mental health and ability to function as normal. Some serious head injuries can result in millions of dollars worth of treatment costs over the course of the victim’s life following the incident. 

Loss of a limb

If a person loses function in a limb or requires amputation, this will be life changing. The related surgery and procedures can be costly, but the long term costs of not being able to work as normal and needing special assistance can really start to add up when factoring the rest of the victim’s working life and career choices. 


An individual who is paralyzed after an accident can have their attorney argue for several different types of compensation. This will include their future lost wages if the victim cannot continue in their job, any initial surgeries or procedures required shortly after the accident, and other types of assistance that are related to recovery and treatment of an injury

Bone fractures

A fracture to any bone in the body will likely cost a minimum of tens of thousands of dollars to treat. The timeline for recovery is also longer than if a bone was broken. The recovery period is significant enough that some kind of lost wages will likely be an amount that should be factored into compensation as well. 

Accident attorneys in Florida

Koberlein Law Offices is a firm that helps accident victims in Live Oak and surrounding parts of Florida. Their attorneys can meet with anyone who needs assistance with the process to bring a lawsuit against the person or business responsible for their injuries.

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