Four traffic violations that can cause accidents in Yuma

texting driving

Yuma, AZ – Traffic laws exist to try to protect drivers from various kinds of behaviors that will compromise their safety and the safety of others in their vehicles or nearby. When a driver breaks a traffic law, this can be considered negligent behavior, and it is possible that they will face a civil lawsuit from anyone who they have hurt. There are lawyers who focus on these types of cases, and they can help victims get the maximum compensation necessary to cover their losses. 

Drunk driving

Although there are massive public awareness campaigns that demonstrate the dangers of drunk driving, it is still an everyday problem in Arizona and other states. All research available shows that drivers who have consumed drugs or alcohol before driving have slower reaction time, difficulty concentrating, and problems with motor skills. All of these types of impairment are much more likely to cause a driver to crash. A drunk driver who was involved in an accident can be arrested, charged by the government, and face liability in civil lawsuits as well. 

Phone use while driving

Most jurisdictions around the country have banned texting and driving or other phone use while operating a motor vehicle. This is because mobile phone use greatly increases the odds that a driver will be distracted and cause an accident. Drivers should attempt to avoid using their phone at all while operating their vehicle, or make a stop when calls are necessary. 

Violations of speed limits

Speed limits are present on roads to show drivers the rate of speed at which they can operate their vehicle safely without increasing the risk of a collision. However, speeding is extremely common and many drivers choose to travel as fast as they can given the traffic and road conditions. When a driver is going way too fast, they will not be able to stop in time to avoid other cars or obstacles. 

Driving the wrong way

Drivers can sometimes be surprised by a one way street. Despite posted signs, some people can get confused and start to drive against the flow of traffic on a one way road. This is extremely dangerous because the two cars may collide head on before the driver realizes what is happening. A head on collision tends to result in a very severe impact and associated devastating injuries. 

Accident lawyers in Arizona

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