Fourth of July is Approaching: Here’s What You and Your Family Can Do to Stay Safe

While you may not be spending your Fourth of July weekend the way you normally would due to COVID-19, you still need to display the same level of caution that you would no matter how small of a group you are celebrating with. To ensure your Fourth of July weekend is a safe and injury-free one, consider following these tips the American Red Cross has to offer.


How to Stay Safe Around Fireworks


If you intend on lighting fireworks at home or at a family member’s house, remember the following:

  • Never allow small children to play with or light fireworks. Fireworks should never be thrown at other people, animals, buildings, or vehicles.
  • Keep water nearby as a precaution.
  • Make the person who is lighting the firework is wearing protection for their eyes.
  • Light only one firework at a time. If you come across a “dud,” refrain from trying to relight it.
  • Store fireworks in a cool, dry place.


Staying Safe Around the Water


If you are going to be spending your Fourth of July outdoors and near the water, remember to:

  • Only allow children to swim in areas that are designated for this.
  • Remind children of the importance of social distancing and practicing safety when around water.
  • If you are going out on a boat, be sure there are enough life jackets available for everyone on board and that each of the life vests are U.S. Coast Guard Approved.


Some other important things to remember for this Fourth of July weekend include:


  • Never drink and drive. If you are going to a friend or family member’s house and intend on drinking, be sure to have a plan already in place before you leave on how you are going to get home safely. Two ways you can avoid drinking and driving include either spending the night out or arranging for a designated driver to come and pick you up. In 2018, the U.S. Department of Transportation reported that 193 people died in motor vehicle crashes over the Fourth of July holiday (July 3rd to July 5th). The source says that 40% of those who died were involved in alcohol-impaired crashes.
  • Never let a friend or relative drive drunk.
  • Avoid driving altogether, if possible, as others might be out driving recklessly or under the influence.


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