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FRANKLIN PARISH, La. – A heroic act by an 8-year-old girl in Franklin Parish, Louisiana, saved her 83-year-old grandfather’s life after a 4-wheeler accident on August 1, around midnight. The incident occurred when the two were riding together, and their 4-wheeler crashed into a small canal, leaving the elderly man trapped beneath the vehicle and at risk of drowning.

Brave Actions of Alli Glass

According to the authorities, young Alli Glass exhibited exceptional bravery and presence of mind during the harrowing ordeal. Despite the distressing situation, she managed to keep her grandfather’s head above water while he was pinned under the 4-wheeler. Her quick thinking and courage undoubtedly prevented a tragic outcome.

Running for Help

Once her grandfather was able to stay above water, little Alli didn’t hesitate. In an act of incredible determination, she ran over half a mile to find her mother so they could call 911. Her swift response ensured that emergency services were notified promptly, leading to a timely rescue operation.

The Role of Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office

Upon receiving the 911 call, the Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office responded swiftly to the scene of the accident. Deputies arrived to find the 8-year-old girl’s grandfather still trapped under the 4-wheeler. Thanks to Alli’s actions, the elderly man’s life was spared, and he was safely rescued from the canal.

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In times of crisis, the bravery displayed by young Alli Glass in Franklin Parish, Louisiana, is a reminder of the potential heroism within each individual. Her quick actions and determination saved her grandfather’s life, and her courage serves as an inspiration to us all.

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