A 44 year old garbage truck driver, Eric McChesney from Battle Ground, Washington, has been ordered to pay a fine and complete 150 hours community service by a Multnomah County Circuit Court for severing a leg of a pedestrian in an accident in downtown Portland, as reported by oregonlive.com.
His driving privileges were also removed for a year. The sentencing follows McChesney’s no contest plea to two traffic violations for a March accident. His Multnomah, Oregon accident lawyer did their best but some type of punishment was coming through no matter what.

According to police reports, McChesney made an illegal turn onto Morrison Street from Southwest Fifth Avenue and struck 57 year old Scott Busch on the crosswalk. No turning was allowed at the intersection. Busch’s left leg was severed above the knee following which he was rushed to OHSU Hospital for vital medical attention.
According to accident attorneys, if McChesney fails to complete the community service within the stipulated time or is caught driving on a suspended license, he will have to pay an additional $12,500 in fines. An initial violated of operating a truck without driving privileges was dismissed by Judge Jerome LaBarre of Multnomah County Circuit Court. Now the civil suit involving by Mr. Busch.
Garbage trucking company sued for an incredible amount of $37 million
Many folks want to know where this number came from? Allied Waste Systems, the owner and operator, have been hit with a $37 million lawsuit by Busch and his wife which many people believe is far too high. In the case filed by their accident attorney, the plaintiffs allege negligence by the defendants and also claim the company does not take appropriate steps to train its employees.
In their response, accident attorneys for the defendants argued that only the driver, McChesney should be named in the lawsuit. While they admit that the driver was negligent and that Busch wasn’t at fault due to the driver’s negligence, they refuted all other allegations in the lawsuit.
On top of this, anyone walking must be weary of all drivers for the mistakes that could be made but the driver’s insurance company should pay something. Many people believe $400,000 is fair plus the health care costs that should involve a fantastic artificial leg replacement.
Multnomah County Sheriff’s deputy killed in motorcycle accident
According to an oregonlive.com report, Multnomah County Sheriff’s deputy Eric Gustafson, 47, was recently killed in a motorcycle crash in California. The accident took place in Redding, California, on a rural highway. Preliminary investigations suggest that Gustafson veered off the edge of the road and lost control of his motorcycle. No one else was involved in the accident which leaves very little for any Multnomah, Oregon accident lawyers to do.
Gustafson served the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office for 26 years and was involved in civil process matters and other projects at the office for the past six years. He was a liaison to the Bureau of Emergency Communications and worked on the Search and Rescue program. He was also honored by the International Association of Marine Investigators in 1999.
Man And Woman Having Argument After Traffic Accident
Hire an Oregon accident attorney
If you or your loved ones have been involved in an accident, it is important to consult an experienced Oregon accident lawyer as soon as possible. Failure to seek legal counsel could affect your ability to claim damages, your insurance coverage and premiums, and driving privileges as well.
In addition, the state has a statute of limitation on filing a lawsuit. The relevant deadlines for car accident lawsuits in Oregon are two years after the accident for a personal injury and six years after the accident for property damage. If you are looking for a striking and committed accident lawyer in this northeast state, your solution is none other than USAttorneys.com.

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