driver collides with a truck

Accidents are common on the roads, but when serious injuries or fatalities are involved, it is important to identify who will have to pay for lawsuits and costly other problems.
A motor vehicle crash in Gary claimed the lives of several victims. Three people in total were killed during the accident.
Car drives into large truck near interstate exchange and everyone inside is killed
Police believe the incident began when a Dodge Charger was driving near the Interstate 80/94 exchange in Gary at about 4 am. At some point shortly afterward, the Charger struck a large semi trailer truck near Grant Street. The Charger remained stuck underneath the truck until it was removed by rescue crews. The truck driver refused treatment and seemed to be uninjured
Two victims, aged 18 and 19 years old, were identified at the scene by the Lake County Coroner and pronounced dead. A third victim was transported to a hospital in the area and died later. No information was released about the identity or age of the third victim. There also seemed to be some interaction between the police and the driver of the Charger in the hour before the crash. The local department is investigating the situation, but have they not released any details about what led up to the accident yet. They are in the process of reconstructing the accident and collecting footage from police body cameras. The victim’s family is confused and distraught and demanding answers.

Who is at fault if the crash is ruled a total accident?
While this collision was technically ruled an accident by law enforcement, it is still possible to file a civil lawsuit against whoever is determined to be at fault. In a civil lawsuit for negligence, the jury can make their own decision regarding fault despite the conclusions of an initial investigation by law enforcement. They are allowed to view all of the relevant facts and make a determination as part of their verdict.
In deadly accidents, the person or business responsible will have to pay for funeral expenses, future lost wages, medical and hospital treatment, and other expenses that are related to the accident. Even when the victim is not around to file a lawsuit, certain family members are allowed to collect these amounts through a wrongful death lawsuit.
In a situation like this when a large truck owned by a business is involved, it is possible to make the business pay for the victim’s losses, rather than the individual driver. This is because from a legal standpoint, businesses are liable for any harm caused by their employees while they are engaged in their normal job duties. If the police department is found to be negligent in their duties, they may also be implicated based on the results of the investigation. Attorneys who handles personal injury cases and accidents can sue entities such as governments and businesses, if they are found to be at fault.
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