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Tragic Water Accident in Geauga County, Ohio: Five Hospitalized After Kayak and Canoe Capsize

GEAUGA COUNTY, Ohio (WOIO) – A chilling water accident left five family members hospitalized after a rented kayak and canoe capsized in the Cuyahoga River near Eldon Russell Park on Sunday, according to the Troy Township Volunteer Fire Department.

The victims, consisting of two adults and three children from the same family, were rescued and rushed to University Hospitals Geauga. An adult man is in serious condition, but all members of the family are expected to recover. The children, all boys, range in age from a 14-month-old to a 5 and 10-year-old.

The Rescue Operation

The rescue operation faced several challenges, including a language barrier that initially hampered efforts to ascertain the exact injuries. Fire Chief Eric Mathews of Troy Township lauded the quick thinking and resourcefulness of the first responders, who overcame the communication obstacle using cell phone apps.

Mathews emphasized the efficiency of the rescue, noting that five ambulances, four boats, a drone, and a dive team arrived on the scene in just six minutes. This quick response, he said, was critical in ensuring the family’s survival.

Safety Concerns

Officials revealed that only the children were wearing life jackets when the water crafts overturned. The incident has prompted further scrutiny into safety measures and regulations for water activities in the area.

All five victims suffered from hypothermia, underscoring the urgent nature of the rescue and the potential severity of the situation.

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