Atlanta, GA – All states, including Georgia, have some kind of law regarding the use of headlights on a motor vehicle during times of reduced visibility and at night. This is because other drivers nearby are unlikely to be able to see a vehicle that is not illuminated. It is definitely possible that a driver with improper lighting causes an accident and injuries other people nearby, or causes significant property damage. The person responsible for these damages can be sued and brought to civil court. 

Georgia code lighting requirements

The laws related to headlight usage and other car safety requirements are codified in the Georgia statutes. They say that every vehicle must be equipped with at least two, but not more than four functioning headlights on the front of the vehicle. There must be at least one on each side. A vehicle must also have at least one functioning brake light at all times. No coverings or coatings can be placed in front of, or otherwise obstruct the lights unless such coverings are part of the original manufactured condition of the vehicle. There are also height requirements that say the light must be between 24 and 54 inches. 

Motorcycles and other non-standard sized vehicles have similar requirements as well, but the number of total lights and their spacing is different. Fog lights are permitted on these vehicles, subject to certain requirements. 

All lights must be activated until approximately thirty minutes before sunrise or thirty minutes after sunset. Poor weather conditions also require lights to be turned on while driving if visibility is less than 500 feet. 

Actions against drivers in violation of these laws

If a driver causes a collision due to not having proper headlights installed and functioning or related problems, they can be named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit for monetary damages. This can be done independently of whether a police officer at the scene issued the offending driver a citation or not. The lawsuit will be handled separately from any action taken by the state for the traffic violation or insurance claim

Civil lawsuits are the best way for any victim to be paid for serious losses associated with the accident. This can include doctor visits, hospitalization, medical costs, vehicle repairs, and non-economic compensation for trauma and suffering. An attorney who works on these types of cases will give more specific advice regarding the value of the accident case and using evidence of headlight violations or other traffic violations against the driver at fault. 

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