Uber Accident Involving Passengers
You schedule an Uber to come and pick you up only to find a driver who appears to be a little off than what you normally would expect from a ridesharing company. You go against your better instincts and enter the vehicle. The driver proceeds on to take you to your destination and on your way, you realize their driving is a bit reckless. Moments later, your Uber driver crashes into another driver resulting in you sustaining injuries. What should you do? Do you report the accident to your insurance company? Should you contact the company who the driver is employed by and file an accident claim through them?

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Companies such as Uber and Lyft have taken over the ridesharing industry as they make it simple and easy to grab a ride no matter where you are. If you have a cellphone and the corresponding app, you will have no trouble at all scheduling a driver to come. However, you don’t know who this person is, how well they drive, and if they have consumed some sort of alcoholic beverage before they got behind the wheel. Basically, you are putting your trust into a company hoping the driver who was assigned to pick you up is going to be cautious and careful.
Sadly, our accident lawyers in Clark County, Georgia and those in other cities are being called upon for help because many passengers become harmed while traveling with a rideshare driver. And because these individuals didn’t play a role in causing the accident as they weren’t the ones driving, it makes the situation a bit more complicated when trying to determine how an accident claim is going to be filed.

Uber Has Insurance, But Will It Cover You?

There are certain ways you can attempt to collect compensation but Uber has certain rules and regulations that could make it tough to do so. Uber states that they carry $1 million of liability coverage per incident as well as $1 million for uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage per accident, not always will they pay it out [Source: Uber Newsroom].
Because Uber considers their drivers as independent contractors, in certain circumstances they may be relieved from being held liable for an accident. That could mean you aren’t covered and won’t be provided compensation from Uber’s insurance company. This is one of the main reasons why we suggest you hire an accident lawyer in Athens, Georgia as you might find it hasn’t been easy to collect compensation for your injuries in which you had no role in causing.
In any event, you are going to want to contact the company and request that they pay for your damages. The Uber driver who was operating the vehicle is responsible for reporting the accident so they should already have record of it. You may also want to look into your own insurance policy and find out if you have any coverage than can help cover some of the bills that have been accruing.
The fact is, you didn’t ask to be involved in an accident and there wasn’t much you could do to prevent it. Therefore, you should be awarded compensation for the trauma you experienced and the pain you might be suffering from. To ensure you increase your chances of being awarded a fair amount of compensation for your Uber accident, let one of our Clark County, Georgia accident attorneys assist with your case.