Truck accidents account for thousands of collisions that transpire in the U.S., including areas such as Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia. Perhaps one reason why there are so many accidents is because there are many commercial trucks occupying roadways and highways traveling through Augusta. With more vehicles on the roadway, there is a greater chance an accident might occur and that is why we are here to explain what your options are if you have become the victim to one of these unfortunate accidents.

Liability Must be Determined

Liability is a major factor in an accident case, especially when those involved sustain injuries. Liability helps determine who is at-fault for causing the crash and helps place the blame on the right party. The accident lawyers working in Augusta-Richmond County can help you determine who is actually liable for causing the wreck you were involved in.
When it comes to commercial truckers, things can also become rather complicated as there are various state laws that come into play. Commercial truckers are bound by laws that differ from those that the average driver has to follow. Another thing that makes these cases harder to settle is the fact that various parties generally get involved.
For instance, you have the driver, the company they work for, and you may even have the Georgia Department of Public Safety as it is their duty to inspect commercial motor vehicles as well as adopt and enforce driver and vehicle safety regulations and hazardous martials regulations. With more parties involved, it might become more difficult for you to be provided with the compensation you are seeking for your injuries and all of the medical expenses that have now accrued. Our accident attorneys in Augusta-Richmond County can also assist with this and ensure the right party is held accountable for the accident and help you get your claim filed and processed.

You will need to obtain as much evidence as possible.

Evidence is key in a truck accident case.

Evidence is always the leading factor that helps prove who the cause of the accident truly was. Police reports serve as solid evidence as well as the accident scene and the injuries you have sustained. But how can is become known that the commercial trucker was negligent in some way which is why the accident occurred in the first place?
One form of evidence that might be helpful to your accident case is an EDR
An EDR (EVENT Data Recorder) is what the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) uses to refer to a device that is commonly installed in motor vehicles. The EDR holds several purposes which includes recording:

  • Pre-crash vehicle dynamics and system status.
  • Driver inputs
  • Vehicle crash signature
  • Restraint usage/deployment status
  • Post-crash data

The EDR serves a similar purpose to that of a Black Box which is usually found in ships, trains, and airplanes. While the EDR device might not help some accident victims, it could help your case. To learn more about what forms of evidence you are going to want to collect that can help you build a strong case against the negligent party, contact one of the featured Augusta-Richmond, GA accident attorneys found on our site.
Because you are the victim of this incident, it shouldn’t be your job to have to deal with all the stress associated with the claims process. Let our Augusta-Richmond County accident and injury lawyers take that on for you so you can focus on recovering.