Between 2014 and 2016, there was a spike in the number of deaths that arose from motor vehicle accidents in the state of Georgia. The state had the fifth-highest increase in the country and it stemmed from motorists who were texting while driving as well as other improper behavior according to Texting accidents have become extremely common on roadways today and while cell phones have made aspects of our lives easier, they continue to contribute to the number of vehicular deaths that occur.
If you were recently involved in an accident that resulted from a driver who was using their cellphone, our accident attorneys in Columbus are available to help you. Our Columbus, GA accident attorneys can provide you with the support and guidance you need as many texting accidents often are fatal ones which only makes the case more complex.
After an accident has occurred with a driver who was texting, it is important that you can prove they were paying more attention to their phone and less attention to the road. This can be done by using their phone as a primary source of evidence. However, you are going to want to act quickly to avoid losing access to any of the messages they might have been sending or having information deleted that could have helped build a strong case around your accident claim.

What laws in Columbus, GA are used to penalize texting drivers?

While the cell phone itself can help prove the other driver was using their device when operating their automobile, our accident lawyers in Columbus, GA are familiar with other forms of evidence they can collect that will help your case. Some things that can be used to encourage your insurance company to provide you with the compensation you deserve and hold that negligent driver accountable are the state laws that are in effect at the time of the accident.
Every state has its own texting and driving laws to help prevent drivers from engaging in the act. However, these accidents still occur and are responsible for injuring some and taking the lives of others.
Some of the laws that apply to residents of Georgia include:
Georgia Code 40-6-241.1.- Wireless telecommunications device use is prohibited when a person is driving to prevent them from becoming distracted when behind the wheel. A driver is not permitted to use their device to talk, write, send, or read a text-based communication nor can they listen on a wireless communications device. A wireless communications device includes: a cellular telephone, a text-messaging device, a personal digital assistant, a stand-alone computer or any other wireless device that is used to communicate with another person.
The only devices that are permitted to be used include:

  • Citizens band radios
  • Citizens band radio hybrids
  • Commercial two-way radio communication devices
  • Subscription-based emergency communications
  • In-vehicle security
  • Navigation
  • Remote diagnostic systems

One of the penalties that is enforced when someone is caught breaking the law include a fine of $150.00. And according to, if the driver engages in an accident and violates the law by using their cellular device for one or more reasons, “then the fine shall be equal to double the amount of the fine imposed.” This includes the $150.00 and any additional charges that might be included.  Although these are only some of the laws that may be applicable to your case, our accident attorneys in Columbus, GA can help fight for the justice you are seeking.
If you were injured in an accident caused by someone who was on their cellphone in the city of Columbus, GA, let our accident attorneys provide you with the help you are going to need.