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Many often associate an accident lawyer with litigation but they can actually provide you with some rather useful advice and guidance following any type of auto collision.

Many individuals often think that after having engaged in a minor collision, which some refer to as a fender bender, that they don’t need to hire an accident attorney for help. After all, aren’t they capable of contacting the insurance company, filing their claim, and collecting a check? While it is true that the assistance of a lawyer isn’t always needed right after a collision, perhaps when there is no property damage or injuries sustained, there are plenty of times when they would be beneficial to the situation, despite the degree of the incident.
So, to help you better understand why you should hire an accident lawyer as opposed to searching for reasons why you may not need one after engaging in an accident in Macon, GA, we share with you below a few reasons that support our claims.

  1. An attorney can help you understand what you should and shouldn’t accept from the insurance company.

While accident victims are more than capable of contacting their insurer or that of the at fault party to file a claim, they don’t always know what to do when the insurer tries to offer an immediate payment. There are times when although you many not feel injured immediately after a car crash, the insurer will offer you a check to compensate for the inconvenience the accident has caused you to experience. While it might seem like a kind gesture, the fact is, once you accept a check from the insurer, you are likely bound by an agreement you had no idea existed.
What this means is that when you agree to receive a check, the insurer is no longer liable for paying for your injuries should any arise at a later date. So, before you rush over to a local office to collect this check, it is best to have an attorney assess whether the insurance company is trying to get you to accept it so that they don’t have to pay you in the future or if this is additional money you are entitled to receive and are still permitted to file a claim for any injuries later on.

  1. An accident lawyer will be there to help you should you run into issues with the insurance company, and it is likely that you will.

While most accident victims assume that the insurance company is their friend and is looking out for their best interest, this is actually a misconception, one of which many would like to believe is true. The truth is, insurance carriers use certain types of formulas and programs that provide an estimate as to what your claim is worth, despite whether it is accurate or not. Most insurers aren’t looking to provide you with the maximumamount of compensation you are eligible to receive nor are they concerned with getting your claim processed in a timely manner. They are business and operate in such a manner so that they are raking in a profit and only providing claimants with the least amount of compensation as possible.
Aside from not providing claimants with a fair and accurate amount for their claim, many insurers responsible for paying third-party claims, which would be a claim filed for another driver aside from the policyholder, also attempt to deny a claim even when a police report indicates their policyholder was at fault for causing the incident. Now, according to the GA Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner, insurers are allowed to conduct their own investigation and make a decision based on the results of it which means they can deny it.
However, because accident lawyers are aware of the issues that could and often do arise as they deal with insurers on a consistent basis, you won’t have to worry about dealing with the company when they don’t want to pay your claim or provide you with an adequate settlement. That is what your attorney will be there for.

  1. A lawyer will help you understand what your rights are and what you should do if you begin to experience pain a few days following the accident.


accident lawyers in Macon, GA

If you would like to speak with a GA accident lawyer to find out how they can assist you with your minor accident, contact the attorneys at Adams, Hemingway, Wilson & Rutledge, LLC.

Not all accident injuries are obvious at the scene of the crash. In fact, some symptoms won’t show up until a few days later. When this happens and you have already filed your claim, you may not know what to do or if the insurer is going to allow you to modify the details you have already provided them with. However, when you have a trusted lawyer you can call, you don’t have to worry about the “what if’s” as they will be there to address all the concerns you have.
Now, if you would like to actually speak with a Macon, GA accident lawyer who can provide you with more in-depth details as to why you need their help following a collision, contact Adams, Hemingway, Wilson & Rutledge, LLC today. This firm has been serving clients since 1956 and is ready to dedicate themselves to your case, no matter how minor you think it may be, to ensure you are properly compensated for all the damage the accident has caused.
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