The state of Georgia lost 1,430 motorists in fatal vehicular accidents in 2015. That number reflects a 22% increase in fatalities from previous years according to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in Georgia. It is imperative that drivers take initiative in protecting themselves and their loved ones while traveling on the roadway and avoid engaging in activity that increases their chance of causing an accident.
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  • Getting an insurance claim filed and working directly with your insurer to ensure they don’t take advantage of you.
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  • Help get you the maximum compensation that your vehicle damage and injuries are worth.

What are some ways I can prevent from engaging in an accident?
We all know the roadway is filled with dangerous drivers and those who aren’t quite devoting enough attention to the roadway that is required to keep everyone safe. We know we have to watch out for ourselves and keep a watchful eye out for other drivers too, but what are some things that can be implemented so that you don’t engage in an auto accident? Better yet, what are some tips that you can pass on to your loved ones and even your teen drivers to help them reduce their chances of engaging in a crash?
Because our Sandy Springs, Georgia accident attorneys care about your wellbeing and encourage drivers to always practice safe driving, below are some tips shared on Geico for you and your family to implement to avoid an accident:

  1. Develop a positive attitude about driving. Not only is it not healthy to carry a bad attitude around, but if you are angry or frustrated, this could affect the manner in which you drive. Some angry drivers tend to be more aggressive which is known to contribute to causing an accident to transpire.
  2. Get as much supervised practice as possible. This is especially important for new drivers who are still learning how to drive a vehicle along with the rules of the roadway.
  3. Always wear a seat belt. Safety belts have helped save thousands of lives of those who would have otherwise died in a car crash.
  4. Never drink and drive. Neither you nor your teen should ever drink and drive.
  5. Limit your passengers. As much as we love company, having too many people in your vehicle may become a distraction for you. You also want to encourage your teen to not fool around when driving with friends and avoid getting into a vehicle with too many people as every additional passenger increases your chance of engaging in a fatal crash, says Geico.
  6. Limit nighttime driving.
  7. Drive slowly, especially if you are just starting out on the road and have little experience.
  8. Practice and prepare for inclement weather conditions.
  9. Only use your cellphone when there is an emergency. Cellphones have become one of the leading causes of distracted driving accidents, many of which are fatal.
  10. Drive a vehicle that is safe and well maintained. Bad tires or poorly serviced automobiles increase your chance of getting into an accident.

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