After engaging in an auto accident or other type of incident that has resulted in damages and/or injuries, you may be required to go to court. Depending on your accident and the outcome of it will determine whether or not you will have to attend civil court and/or criminal court. While most auto accidents generally settle in civil court, if you or the other party broke a law that has resulted in serious bodily injury, they may be facing criminal charges for their actions.

What is the difference between civil and criminal court?

Civil court is where various types of cases not including those involving criminal charges are taken before a judge. Some examples of the types of cases a civil court might hear include:

  • Personal injury lawsuits
  • Unpaid accident claim
  • Disputes with insurance companies and at-fault parties for causing an accident resulting in damages.

If you were injured while crossing the street by a driver who wasn’t paying attention, although the driver may have broken the law by failing to remain attentive to the roadway, they won’t be put in jail for their actions but can be held accountable for compensating you for your injuries.

Where would I file a claim for an accident that occurred in Savannah, Georgia?

The Magistrate Court of Chatham County, which is also recognized as a small claims court, is where you and your Savannah, GA accident attorney would take your case in order to try and recoup the money you are seeking for the unfortunate circumstances this accident has brought on. This could include the pain and suffering you have experienced, the current and future medical bills you have incurred and will incur, and even funds to cover the loss of wages you didn’t receive because of the accident.
The Magistrate Court of Chatham County handles claims that are filed for $15,000 or less, and if it exceeds that amount, it can be filed in the State Court or the Superior Court. An accident and injury lawyer in Savannah will help you determine how much your accident is worth and then proceed on to file your claim with the corresponding court.

Why would my case go to criminal court?

If you were involved in an accident where you or the other party broke a law such as driving while intoxicated and were charged for the crime, you would then be required to attend your court hearing where the charges are formally read. Again, you do want to hire an accident lawyer or even a DUI attorney in Savannah if that is the offense you are guilty of committing to ensure your rights are upheld in court.
The State Court handles criminal cases so yours would more than likely be held there.
There are other instances where you may be required to attend court if you were involved in an auto accident, pedestrian incident, or even a slip and fall accident so be prepared and bring a Savannah, GA accident attorney with you. is dedicated to finding you a lawyer free of charge who is available in the Savannah area. Simply give us a call and we will get you paired up with someone immediately.