Getting hit by another driver while on the road can lead to a lot of damage to a person’s vehicle, and also to one’s own health and well-being. If the accident is not very severe then it makes sense to solve the issue with the driver and move on with one’s day without taking serious action. However, if there is significant damage done to any of the vehicles involved in the crash, or if any sort of personal injury resulted from the crash then it is necessary that individuals involve the authorities.
If a person received a physical injury due to the car crash, it is definitely best for them to get in touch which a personal injury lawyer in Marietta, GA, who will be able to guide them on the best course of action which they can pursue to be compensated for their pain.

Why should I file a lawsuit if I get injured in a car crash?

The most prominent reason why a person will want to pursue a lawsuit after getting injured in a car accident is so that they can get the financial help they need to recover from their injury. Sometimes, a person will only require enough funds to pay for their tests and basic medical procedures.
This is especially true if the injury is a small one and there is no serious downtime required to recover. However, if a person faced a serious injury then they will most likely have to take time off of work and this can lead to lost wages. In such a case, a person can also claim these lost wages in their lawsuit against the other driver.

Why should I hire a lawyer?

It is very important to have a legal professional by a person’s side in order to get the most financial compensation awarded to them by the court. There are certain rules and regulations which need to be followed when filing a lawsuit and a legal professional can ensure all of that is taken care of in the most efficient way possible.
It is also essential that a person files their lawsuit within the correct time frame. According to Georgia’s statute of limitations, a person has up to 2 years after receiving the injury to make a claim in court. If they exceed this time limit then the chances of their case being taken seriously are very low. If a person wants to make a claim for the damage done to their vehicle or to their property because of a car accident, they have up to four years after the incident to make a claim.
Individuals also have to meet the modified comparative negligence law which Georgia follows. If it is determined that the car accident is 50% their fault or more then 50% their fault then they will not be able to receive financial compensation from the other driver for the injuries they suffered. An attorney who specializes in dealing with personal injury cases which result due to car accidents can help a person gather the required evidence and make the appropriate statements so that their fault is reduced and they are compensated deservingly.