Pedestrians are considered to be “the most vulnerable users of the road,” according to the Georgia Department of Transportation. While the reasoning for this is quite obvious, what isn’t is where and when accidents involving pedestrians are more likely to occur. If you are someone who enjoys going for a walk or commutes by foot, then this is something you need to familiarize yourself with so that you reduce the chances of engaging in a serious or fatal accident. In 2017 alone, 260 people were killed while walking in GA, which is an 11% increase from 2016 and a 54% increase from 2014.

Where are pedestrian accidents more likely to occur?


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Did you know that most pedestrian fatalities occur outside of crosswalks?

The GA DOT highlighted that 90% of fatalities occur outside of a crosswalk. What this means is that many individuals are choosing to cross the roadway in areas other than those that are designated for them which only heightens the risk associated with being a pedestrian. To help prevent an accident, pedestrians are encouraged to only use designated crosswalks and only cross the road when the coast is clear, and it is apparent that the drivers waiting at the light or preparing to make a turn see you first.

At what time of day do most pedestrian accidents take place?

While many might assume that these types of incidents occur during the daytime hours as this is when most people are out exercising or walking to or from work, the fact is, the overnight hours are when most pedestrian accidents occur. The GA DOT says that 82% of reported fatalities occur during this time. That means anyone who would be classified as a pedestrian needs to heighten their awareness during these times and be sure they are visible to those around them to avoid an accident.

What other factors contribute to pedestrian incidents?

Aside from the location and the time of day, pedestrian accidents also occur for other reasons. For instance, the GA DOT reports that 33% of fatalities are attributed to motorists not yielding to pedestrians. Many times, individuals who are crossing the street assume that just because they have the right of way that motorists are going to stop for them. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. So, rather than make the mistake of crossing the road and assuming drivers are going to be considerate and stop, be sure it is safe to cross before attempting to do so.
Pedestrian themselves are also to blame for the serious and sometimes fatal accidents that occur. The source highlighted that 33% of fatalities were caused by pedestrians themselves which means anyone who travels by foot needs to become more aware of what laws they must abide by so that they do not violate any and put their safety and life at risk.

What if I was hit while crossing the street in Kennesaw, GA?


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Were you aware that you may be entitled to recover compensation if a negligent driver hit you while you were crossing the street?

You may be entitled to recover compensation for the injuries you sustained, however, you are encouraged to contact a Kennesaw, GA accident lawyer who can provide you with more information on this. The fact is, they will need to assess the case and determine who was liable for the incident and what your injuries are worth. If you would like to receive an estimate and perhaps some legal advice, contact the GA accident attorneys at Imbriale Injury Law today. The attorneys at this firm not only dedicate themselves to the clients they are representing, but they also have the ability to recover millions of dollars in damages.
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