The identity of the girl has not yet been released but investigators that arrived at the scene said she seemed like a 5 or 6 – year old girl and is currently recovering at Kosair Children’s Hospital after she was dragged by her school bus for a distance of nearly one thousand feet. The incident happened Friday afternoon after the dismissal of the school for the day. It occurred in Louisville.

According to witness reports, the girl attempted to disembark the bus but her backpack got stuck in the door and half her body was inside the bus while the lower half was dragged across the tarmac outside for almost a minute or so. The fantastic and quick witted lawyers on the site are appalled by this news.
As reported by Latin Post, another person that witnessed the horrifying incident said that a car chased the bus down, kept honking at it and finally overtook the bus, got in front of it, and forced it to pull over. The driver of the car and the distraught female bus driver then called the police.
The bus driver should be put in jail for this – 2 years
According to the girl’s babysitter, the driver of the bus should not have taken off so quickly and should have at least visually confirmed that the girl was out of harm’s way. The little girl was said to have sustained moderate but non-life threatening injuries to her legs, according to witness reports, one of her legs hardly had any skin left on it.

Semi-truck driver faces reckless homicide for involvement in a fatal chain accident
22-year old Miroslav Kuzmanovic is currently under arrest in lieu of a $10,000 bond as he awaits his court trial. Kuzmanovis is from Lakewood in the state of Washington and has been charged with reckless homicide and may be handed a substantial prison term if convicted, as reported by
It is alleged that Kuzmanovic caused a fatal chain reaction car accident on Interstate 64 which resulted in the death of a 71-year old woman from Louisville named Doris Wise. According to police reports, a total of five cars were involved in the fiery crash, reportedly, Kuzmanovic failed to see that the traffic ahead of him had slowed down and rear ended the car in front of him which exploded in flames and the impact killed Wise. The impact was so great that the engulfed car then hit the car in front of it and a total of five cars were involved in the crash and as many as three other people had to be transported to hospital but were later released.
Aluminum plant worker dies in accident
According to accident attorneys, the identity of the deceased worker has been withheld till the concerned family has been informed of the tragedy. According to witnesses, the worker was attempting to access some equipment from a machine that was located in the painting area of the building when he was suddenly hit on the head with the machine and was pronounced dead on the scene at Okolona Aluminum plant, as reported by
Kentucky – no fault state
According to Louisville KY accident attorneys, Kentucky is a no-fault state. This essentially means that when someone is involved in a road accident, they need not prove that another driver was at fault in order to recover compensation. As long as they are insured, they can claim damages from their own auto insurer. Only in case they require further compensation, can they can proceed to sue the driver at fault. It does not make a lot of sense but this is the way it is.

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