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Gloucester Grieves: City Remembers Teen Victim of Tragic Boating Accident

GLOUCESTER, Va. — A sea of people gathered at old Page Field along Route 17 on Thursday evening, their hearts heavy with sorrow, as they came together to remember Brycen Wermter, the teenager whose life was cut tragically short in a boating accident on the York River.

Tragedy on the York River

16-year-old Brycen met his untimely end last Sunday when his personal watercraft collided with a pontoon boat. A sorrowful community is now grappling with the sudden loss of the young man who touched so many lives in his short time among them.

Sharlynne Wermter, Brycen’s mother, was moved by the outpouring of support from their community. “It just shows what an impact he has on everybody and what a huge influence he was on the community,” she said. “The community support just shows that we found the right place to live.”

Sharlynne hopes that those who mourn her son will honor him by embodying the spirit he was known for – kind, compassionate, and funny. His presence, now missed by the community, leaves a void filled only by fond memories and the legacy of his influence.

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While the Gloucester community mourns and remembers Brycen Wermter, they also seek ways to prevent such occurrences in the future. They lean on each other for support, embody the spirit of their lost young member, and utilize the services of dedicated and competent Virginia accident attorneys, ensuring that the tragedy also serves as a catalyst for change.