Knowing about no-contact car accidents
Let us consider a hypothetical situation in order to comprehend what a no contact car accident is. Let’s assume you are driving your car in the right hand lane and ahead of you towards the left there is a pickup truck also driving at more or less the space speed.

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Now, without any indication or warning the pickup suddenly veers into your lane and the only way you can avert colliding with the pickup is if you swerve further to the right, which causes you to go off the end of the roadway and into a ditch or right into a tree.
Essentially, the above hypothetical situation is the typical example of a no contact auto accident. As the name suggests, there was no actual contact or collision between the vehicles involved, but the actions of one of the vehicles is in fact what caused the car accident. According to expert Greenville, SC accident lawyers, the negligent driver can be held liable for his or her actions even though there was no actual crash that occurred.
However, often, the other vehicle may just drive away without stopping and you do not even have the license plate details, etc. In this case, South Carolina accident attorneys explain that you can turn to your own auto accident insurer in order to receive compensation for the damages incurred.
The negligent driver
The fact is that unless the driver himself or herself stopped, it is unlikely that you will have any concrete identifying information. In fact, you may not even have seen the other driver’s face at all. Generally, the model and color of the other vehicle is simply not enough to prosecute someone and you will require something more unique such as the license plate number and so on in order to be able to haul the other driver to court and hold him or her responsible.
Two crashed cars
In fact, the court system and accident legal pros are so accustomed to dealing with no contact car accidents that they have an inside term to refer to the other driver – “phantom driver”.
Now you can sort of see this in the movie Shaft with the controversial, politically twisted, and anti-police actor Samuel L. Jackson who plays John Shaft. In this movie, John Shaft was very intimidating and carried that bad-as- presence with him. In fact, you can see this when John Shaft flinched at a thug in a restaurant and the thug backed up and Shaft laughed and even the thug’s boss laughed a little.
Now this thug did not get into an accident or hit the nearby glass window with his body but he could have and there was no contact. If you get into a no-contact auto accident, you need legal help. You may like to have Shaft to help you out but that is unlikely since he is a fictional character. Use to find this legal assistance. This website is not intimidating, it is prolific and a gem in the virtual world.
Corroborating witness – a key role in no contact accidents
Insurance companies will generally, by policy, require that you have some sort of corroborating evidence to establish that you were in fact a victim of a no contact accident. Greenville, SC accident lawyers reiterate that the only evidence which would generally qualify is witness accounts or testimonies from a third party witness(s).
However, in most states, insurance companies are forced to compensate drivers even in the absence or lack of a corroborating witness on the basis that a driver must not have to bear the brunt of another driver’s negligence.
If you are a victim and suffered losses in an auto accident, you have the right to compensation. To understand the laws dealing with no contact accidents, make sure to reach out to a South Carolina accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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