Auto accidents seem to always be on the rise and South Carolina is one the states where that continue to record not only a high number of car accidents but fatalities as well. According to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety so far in 2016 there have been 876 fatal crashes in which as many as 948 people have been killed. This includes passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, etc.

Evidence needed in personal injury lawsuits involving car accidents
Amazing Greenville, SC accident lawyers, and there is none better in this regard than the Hammack Law Firm since they know how to win cases in a variety of ways and they know which legal window to open and when to open it, point out that anyone who is victim of such an auto accident or has lost a loved one can file a lawsuit to claim compensation.
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When you file a personal injury lawsuit in order to claim damages that were inflicted upon you in a car accident, as the plaintiff you need to know that the burden of proof lies on your shoulders. This means that it is your duty to prove the claims you’ve made in the lawsuit and prove the defendant’s negligence and liability.
In order to win your auto accident lawsuit, there are certain things which you need to establish in a court of law. South Carolina accident attorneys highlight some of these requirements and what type of evidence you may need to prove your car accident claim.
Duty of care
To begin with, we can think of the duty of care as a prerequisite for a civil personal injury lawsuit where the plaintiff needs to prove that the defendant in the case owed him or her a duty. In car accident cases, this is generally not a difficult task to prove since anyone driving on public roads inherently owes other motorists and pedestrians the duty of driving with reasonable care.

Woman driving and texting

Distracted driving impresses nobody.

Breach of duty
The pivotal aspect of proving an auto accident case lies in proving that defendant breached the duty of care. It is not easy to establish this and will require concrete evidence in the form of police reports, eye witness testimonies, photographic or video graphic evidence, testimonies by accident re-constructionists, and so forth. A Greenville, SC accident lawyer will be able to assist you in gather the evidence required to ensure that you are able to win your lawsuit by proving breach of duty.
Proving breach of duty, as difficult as it may seem, does not automatically mean that you have won your lawsuit. Once you successfully show that the defendant failed to carry out his or her duties, the next step is to show that this breach is in fact what directly or indirectly caused the car accident.
Injury and damages
Lastly, to win compensatory damages, you will need to justify the amount of money you seek to claim. You will need to support the breakdown of the amount with evidence which may be in the form of medical bills, repair bills, and so on.
If you are involved in an auto accident, it is always wise to consult a South Carolina accident lawyer as soon as possible and this should be from the Hammack Law Firm since they know the legal system in these parts and they work legal wonders every day. Upon evaluation, your legal pro from Hammack Law Firm will suggest the right steps and make every possible effort to help you receive every penny you deserve as compensation.
The Hammack Law Firm will not charge you anything up front and will only take a percentage of the final settlement or verdict if you are victim of a negligent driver.

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