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Mount Carmel Resident Injured in Haubstadt Road Collision

In a concerning road mishap near Haubstadt, a woman from Mount Carmel, Illinois, suffered significant injuries. The accident, which occurred on the morning of Friday on U.S. 41, involved a collision that serves as a somber reminder of the risks on the road.

Details of the Collision

The Gibson County Sheriff’s Office released a report detailing the incident. Anna Eaden, a 52-year-old passenger in a 2001 Buick LeSabre, sustained severe hip and upper leg injuries. The Buick, driven by William Onan from Mount Carmel, was traveling southbound on U.S. 41 when it was hit on the passenger side by a 2006 GMC Sierra pickup. The pickup, driven by 16-year-old Corvin L. Wilson of Haubstadt, collided with Onan’s car while attempting to cross U.S. 41.

Circumstances Leading to the Accident

Wilson reported to the police that he was crossing U.S. 41 to head north after driving on County Road 1200 South. He admitted to focusing on an approaching semi-truck and failed to notice the Buick, leading to the unfortunate collision.

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