Miami, Florida, Proving Negligence in a Personal Injury Case

No one knows what it’s like to lose those you love most because of the negligence of another and to be left with trauma of your own as a consequence of an unexpected and preventable event. Unless you have been through it yourself, you may be able to sympathize, but it will be difficult and near impossible to empathize with that individual. We understand that, and we know that as attorneys, unless we have had a similar experience of loss, we may not be able to fully relate to your experience, but that doesn’t take away our compassion and our capability as human beings and as legal professionals to fight for you, ensuring that in the end you get the justice you deserve. If you or someone you know has recently lost a loved one due to the negligence of another or have suffered physical and or emotionally injury as result of an accident, we encourage you to reach out to a personal injury attorney in Jackson, Mississippi. They could help you in ways that you hadn’t even imagined.

The Damaging Consequences of Personal Injury

A recent article published on Psychreg about the psychological impact of sustaining a major personal injurysays that “a major personal injury, whether sustained in a car accident or a fall at work, can cause an enormous amount of trauma. Whilst physical injuries are obvious to see, mental and emotional scars are far more difficult to identify but can have just as big an impact on your life as a broken arm or leg. It is important when you are claiming any compensation following an accident that your personal injury lawyer effectively explains the level of your trauma to the court. Compensation is awarded for both economic damages (medical bills and vehicle repairs) and non-economic damages (trauma and long-term disability), so in order to get the money you need to get over your accident, it is vital that the court understands the extent of your psychological injuries.”

The Key Elements of a Personal Injury Case

When preparing a personal injury case, the most important thing to keep in mind is that proof of negligence, strict liability, or intentional wrongs must be provided. Negligence, however, is the claim most used when trying to pursue personal injury cases. Using the example of car accidents for instance, which according to the American Bar Association, “provide a good example of how the tort system works, “you have a negligence claim in a “fault” state if you are injured by a driver who failed to exercise reasonable care, because drivers have a duty to exercise reasonable care anytime they are on the road. When they breach that duty and your injury results, personal injury law says you can recoup your losses.” Keep in mind, however, that “the system may be very different in states that have passed no-fault laws.” This is why it’s imperative that those who have suffered personal injury they believe was caused by the negligence of another, contact a personal injury attorney in Jackson, Mississippi who can inform them of their rights and tell them how to best proceed. For information on an attorney who can help, contact Ballard Law at (769) 572-5111.