Honolulu, HI – If someone is involved in an accident, they will need financial help for vehicle repairs, and possibly more assistance to get through the process of medical treatment and time away from their job. This is accomplished by drivers when they file a car insurance claim according to their policy terms in many situations. However, because of minimal insurance requirements from the government and limitations on policy payouts generally fall short of costs for a severe crash, additional legal help is necessary after some accidents. 

The state’s insurance laws

Hawaii’s Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs gives detailed information about car insurance requirements in the state. The government requires all vehicles to be insured throughout the entire registration period, and the driver must have a copy of the insurance identification card available while driving. The state retains the right to issue tickets and withhold registrations and license plates for vehicles that do not meet this requirement through the county’s director of finance. Anyone who has lost their registration in this manner cannot drive the car again until the issues are resolved. 

Insurance payouts and limitations

Hawaii law treats many auto insurance claims through their personal injury protection limits. This means that neither driver is necessarily considered at fault for insurance purposes, and anyone involved in the crash can receive up to the $10,000 indicated through the personal injury protection program. There are additional forms of coverage for bodily injury and medical treatment, however most of these other types of coverage are not required by law in a standard policy, and many drivers may not purchase them.  

Any commercial insurance provider can give more information about the specifics of what type of coverage they offer and its costs. 

What if the insurance process is insufficient? 

When someone is seriously injured in a car crash, it is likely that their medical treatment and missed time from work will cost much more than $10,000 or any other limits given under an auto policy. In these situations it is best to retain an experienced attorney in the state. A civil negligence lawsuit is capable of collecting a much larger amount of damages than what is available in a policy, which makes it easier to cover losses. There is also the possibility that an insurance provider will deny the claim and not pay anything out at all. For these reasons, it is best for accident victims to meet with their lawyer and have a discussion regarding the best course of action after a collision. 

Getting legal assistance after being involved in a collision

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