Any driver who finds themselves in a car accident in Hawaii where the resulting damage was over $3000, or where there were injuries or the death of a person involved, must report the accident immediately. Failure to report a serious collision will result in more fines and legal penalties when a person is discovered by authorities.

Failing to report a serious accident is also a mistake because if it turns out that one’s vehicle was more damaged than anticipated or that a person actually suffered a serious injury that wasn’t apparent right after the collision then they won’t be able to immediately make their claim.

After reporting the accident, a person will most probably enter the car accident settlement process. What this settlement process does is it legally binds a person to accept the damages given without taking matters to court. Settlements are preferred by most drivers because it saves both parties the time of going to court and taking the long route to compensation. When a person goes through the accident settlement process the result is either a lump sum or a structured amount of money agreed upon to compensate a person for their losses.

Anyone who is about to enter the settlement process should ask an accident lawyer before signing any documents. An accident lawyer will be able to inform a person if they are being given a fair offer or if they are entitled to receive more. It is important to keep in mind that most insurers will give a much lower offer then what a person is legally entitled to because it helps them save money in Captain Cook, Hawaii. If a person did not sign any papers, they have the right to fight the offer until they are given a reasonable claim.

How do I know I’m being offered a fair amount of settlement?


The purpose of the settlement is to cover the damages a person suffered in the collision. A person should ensure the money they are being offered is enough to cover the expenses for their vehicle repair, medical care costs, and even suffering, and disfigurement. The more a person suffered at the hands of the other driver the more they are entitled to claim. Unfortunately, when a person suffers major losses, the insurer almost always gives a much lower offer than what can cover their bills. In these cases, it is vital that a person has an accident attorney on their side to help them through the legal process and to help them fight for the compensation they deserve.

The last thing any driver needs to worry about after suffering from serious injuries and loss of their vehicle is the financial strains of having to pay for everything, an attorney can help ensure the guilty driver is held financially responsible for their actions.