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Personal Injury Lawyers and Accident Attorneys in Hawaii

Being involved in any type of accident can be a traumatic experience where not only you or your loved one’s health is at stake―any injuries or losses can take a toll on your finances as well.

If you are suffering from the terrible effects of an accident, what you need is the best Hawaii accident lawyer to help get you the compensation you deserve and you can find one of these legal hotshots for free using which is a profound website that is helping people all the time find the legal assistance they definitely need.

If you find yourself in such a situation you’ve come to the right place. Our legal pros can help file a claim on your behalf and work around the clock to ensure your case is resolved quickly or as quickly as it reasonably can be. Most importantly, their objective is to ensure you receive a fair settlement no matter what type of accident you were involved in.

Depending on the specifics of your claim our accident legal representatives will:

Our lawyers are well experienced in several areas which includes:

 The Statute of Limitations in Hawaii Accident Cases

It is important to note that Hawaii is a no-fault state where motorists are required as per state law to procure minimum insurance coverage. The minimum coverage varies according to the type of vehicle.  The objective is to help compensate for any losses from injuries as a result of negligent operation of the vehicle.

While you have the right to file a lawsuit in a Hawaii court you need to file a claim within two years from the date of the accident although there are some exceptions. Therefore, we suggest you seek help from one of our legal counselors as soon as possible after the accident rather than wait until the last moment. To know more about the statute of limitations relevant to your case don’t hesitate to contact us which you can do on our site as well.

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims in Hawaii

One of the first things to do if involved in an accident in Hawaii is to inform the insurance company and fill out a No Fault Personal Injury Protection application for the vehicle you were in or the car that was responsible for your injuries if you were a cyclist or pedestrian. This will allow you to claim medical coverage for injuries in addition to wage loss and so forth.

It is mandatory to have at least $5,000 paid out in medical expenses by the No Fault PIP insurer prior to being able to recover damages for pain, wage loss, loss of enjoyment, and mental anguish, to name a few. In some cases you may be able to recover compensation without surpassing the $5,000 threshold.

This includes accidents that cause permanent loss of a body function, punitive damages, and accidents that result in permanent or serious disfigurement, to name a few.

To learn more about accident claims and how several factors can influence your compensation, all you need is to reach out to one of our skilled Hawaii accident lawyers. You can do this by using the interactive map on!

If you have any issues, send us your contact information via the contact form on the site and we will get back to you quickly. The ball is on your side of the court! The clock is ticking!

Do not sign anything with that other insurance company until you have legal assistance. That could be a serious financial mistake if you do that.