A head on crash on US 98, north of Lakeland in Polk County, resulted in the death of two drivers and left at least two children injured according to Polk County officials. They were still continuing to investigate the accident that lead to the highway being closed for traffic both ways.

Child in Two Accidents!
One of the injured children was taken by helicopter to hospital while the other was transported by ambulance. On the way back, the ambulance rolled over and the driver was taken to hospital for treatment.
Wrongful Death Compensation in Florida
When a loved one has been lost in a car accident, it might be possible to receive economic and non-economic damages from the driver at fault. For this, the family of the dead person has to prove that they were financially dependent on the dead person and that the accident was the result of the other party. In order to pursue such a case, you need to retain the services of an experienced personal accident lawyer who can assess all the evidence and help prove that the other driver was at fault.
In addition, the accident lawyer will show that you are entitled to receive monetary compensation for your loss as the dead person was supporting you financially. Apart from this, an experienced accident attorney can ask for and obtain non-economic compensation for loss of consortium, pain and suffering endured, and so on.
Accidents Involving Minors
When children or minors are injured in a car accident Florida law permits their parents or guardians to negotiate and obtain financial compensation on their behalf without court approval if the amount involved is less than $15,000. If the compensation claimed is greater than this, the parent or guardian must obtain court approval and show that they are acting in the best interests of the child.
Oftentimes insurance companies refuse to make payments in the case of child injuries unless court approval has been obtained. Obtaining compensation for children who were injured in an accident can be complex and you need to retain the services of an accident attorney who can guide you through the process.
Whether you have been injured in a car accident or a loved one has dies in such a crash or your minor children have been injured you need to retain the services of a skilled accident lawyer who will examine the facts of the accident and the police reports to determine who was at fault.
Some car accidents are the fault of a driver, while other can be attributed to manufacturing defects or improper design or maintenance of the road. Depending on the at fault party and the extent of the injuries or loss sustained, the lawyer will then help you either negotiate a settlement with the insurance company or file a case for compensation in court. For both of these, the accident lawyer will use the evidence collected and ensure that your interests are protected.
Terrible Timing
This is a horrendous accident to happen during Christmas. Hopefully the truth is ascertained. The sunny news is that both children are alive. There is always a positive way to look at mostly any situation.

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