San Francisco 49ers cornerback Christopher Culliver will have a date in the courtroom on Wednesday as a hearing has been set in Santa Clara County Superior Court. The cornerback has been charged with felony possession of brass knuckles that resulted from a collision with a bicyclist in San Jose in March 2014. He has also been charged with two misdemeanors of failing to stop at the scene of the accident.

Charges were filed against Culliver in April last year following which Culliver’s attorney appealed to the judge to not have his client appear at future hearings. According to California accident attorneys, Judge Shelyna Brown granted the request and it is therefore not clear whether the 49ers cornerback will attend the hearing.
A hit and run case
26 year old Culliver was arrested by the San Jose police on March 28th, 2014 after he was found driving a Ford Mustang recklessly in a westbound lane near Tully Road and South Seventh Street. He reportedly lost control and struck a bicyclist at the intersection at South Seventh Street, according to police reports.
Following the accident several witnesses attempted to stop Culliver who continued driving on Tully Road towards Senter Road. In a bid to escape, Culliver ended up striking one of the witness’s vehicles but was eventually cornered until the police arrived. A pair of brass knuckles was found in his vehicle, which according to California accident attorneys is a felony under California law.

Several charges dropped
According to police, Culliver was driving with a suspended license, and was slapped with two misdemeanor charges, for hit and run, and for driving on a suspended license. In addition to possession of brass knuckles, other charges include felony hit and run, and reckless driving causing injury. However, all the other charges were later dropped except for felony possession of the brass knuckles and two misdemeanor counts.
A lawsuit was filed by an accident attorney last April on behalf of the bicyclist. In the lawsuit, Culliver has been accused of spinning the wheels of his vehicle in traffic and striking several medians prior to causing the accident in which the bicyclist was injured. Culliver has been with the 49ers since 2011 and had signed on until the end of the 2014 season.
Bruce Jenner not likely to be jailed
Bruce Jenner’s Malibu multi-car accident in which he rear ended a Lexus is still a talking point although the question of caused the crash remains a mystery. 69 Kim Howe was killed after Jenner’s SUV rear ended her Lexus on the Pacific Coast Highway as part of the chain reaction car crash.
The Lexus was struck by a Hummer after it was pushed into oncoming traffic. Some experts including accident attorneys are of the opinion that Jenner is not likely to serve jail time although he could face legal action for his role in the crash. He may be slapped with a huge fine if the family of the victim decides to pursue a lawsuit. According to some attorneys, he is likely to face a multimillion dollar payout where his personal assets could be at stake if he does not have sufficient insurance coverage.
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