Here are the most dangerous behaviors while driving in Winnsboro Mills

Winnsboro Mills, SC – Unfortunately, many drivers in South Carolina and other states will either intentionally or mistakenly engage in some very dangerous behaviors while they drive. These actions greatly increase the chances of an accident, along with associated injuries and fatalities. It is also important for anyone who has been injured to take note of these kinds of behaviors, as evidence of traffic violations and other problems can possibly be used as evidence of negligence during a civil case.

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Distracted driving

By now, most people are aware of the fact that it is extremely dangerous to do things like send text messages and use their phones while their car is traveling at a high rate of speed. However, this is still a leading cause of accidents. Aside from phone use, other distractions such as eating or using other electronic devices can also be considered forms of distracted driving, as they take the driver’s eyes off of the road for short periods of time. Most drivers do not realize that their car can travel a significant distance within just a couple of seconds while they are not paying attention. 

Drunk driving

There are laws in every state that make driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol illegal. However, estimates from law enforcement and traffic data show that only a small amount of people driving under the influence are ever caught. Once someone is impaired, the odds of losing control of the vehicle greatly increase. It is also much more likely that an accident will result in serious bodily injuries or fatalities if at least one driver has consumed alcohol or drugs in the time period before the car crash.  

High rates of speed

Speed limits exist all over the roads, but going at a faster rate than the posted limit is one of the most common traffic violations. Going well beyond the allowed speed limit is also extremely dangerous, as drivers rarely have time to notice obstacles or other vehicles and stop before causing a collision if they are going very fast.

Negligence lawsuits

People who were harmed by drivers who violate traffic laws have the right to take legal action and make the person or business responsible pay for their medical treatment and other costs. Evidence of things like distracted driving and speeding can potentially show that the person was negligent and should be liable in a civil lawsuit.

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