Here are the types of catastrophic injuries that can happen after an accident in Gardere

Gardere, LAMotor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of serious injuries and death in Louisiana and other states. Some people will find that their life is never the same after a serious accident, and they will need to utilize the legal process to receive compensation for their losses. This is especially true in situations where their injuries are life changing due things like becoming disabled or unable to move without some kind of assistance. 

It is important for anyone who has been injured in these situations to find attorneys near me who can provide guidance that is relevant to their specific injury. 

Paralysis and disabilities

Some accidents can cause injuries that permanently affect the victim’s ability to work as before or even move around without assistance. This can require long term medical care and special types of equipment provided by healthcare companies to help the person get around and try to function. Even when the victim can partially or completely recover from these kinds of damage, they can require months or years of special assistance from healthcare professionals such as physical therapists. 

Fatal accidents

Other situations can involve injuries where the victim will not recover. Things that tend to increase the chances that an accident will result in fatalities include large commercial trucks or motorcycles involved in the accident, very high rates of speed, reckless driving, or drunk driving. Louisiana has a wrongful death law that allows family members to collect money on the deceased person’s behalf to cover the costs of things like their funeral and lost income, as well as their final medical expenses.  

Compensation for catastrophic injuries

Accident lawsuits that result in life changing injuries, disfigurement, or fatalities also tend to be the ones with the largest potential for compensation. This is because economic damages coincide with the specific financial losses that the victim can demonstrate were due to medical treatment, lost income while they recover, and other types of care that are required due to their injuries. Lawyers who represent seriously injured clients can also ask for large amounts of non-economic compensation for pain and suffering. This is because non-economic compensation is based on arguments that show how the person’s quality of life has changed after the collision due to things like physical pain, trauma, and the mental health problems caused by these kinds of losses. 

Accident attorneys are available in Louisiana

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