A female motorcyclist was pinned underneath a car and was gasping for breath and dear life after an accident when heroic Dallas police and accident officers, rescue workers, and good Samaritans rushed to her rescue and literally lifted the car crushing her with nothing but their bare hands. The accident occurred in the crossing of Greenville Avenue and Bryan Parkway.

According to people.com, the whole incident was taped on a dash-cam video of a Dallas police patrol car. The video showed how the woman rode her motorcycle into a car. She skid underneath the car and was trapped as the car rolled over her. Only a few moments after she was trapped, a group of people rushed to the car and lifted it off in an impressive act of unity and humanity.
While Baltimore and Chicago have collapsed, Dallas shows some bright signs
According to investigators, police officer Laura Beddow is said to have acted quickly, which may have potentially saved the trapped woman’s life. She assessed the situation and decided that there were enough people to lift the car off of the woman’s body instead of waiting for additional equipment to arrive while the trapped woman was literally in dire straits.
This type of loyalty and dedication cannot be seen in too many places but the website USAttorneys.com is one of the places it can. The Dallas accident lawyers on this site and other accident attorneys have saved many lives as well and that number is still rising.
As a bunch of people lifted one side of the car up, few others yanked the woman out from underneath it. The victim has asked not to be identified, and the driver of the car was issued a ticket for failure to use a signal.
Firefighters helping an injured woman in a car
Fire truck hit by semi, leaves one dead and three injured
An Irving firetruck was struck by a semi on State Highway 183 in Irving on Sunday. According to Dallas News, the driver of the semi succumbed to the injuries he sustained from the collision. In the firetruck three firefighters sustained moderate to severe injuries and are currently being treated at a medical center.
Supposedly, the firetruck was blocking parts of State Highway 183. It was being used to cut off the eastbound lanes of 2600 block of State Highway 183. However, the Irving firefighting department has said that the fire truck was parked with its emergency lights on and yet, somehow the driver of the semi t-boned the fire truck and caused it to roll over to its side which left three fire fighters injured. The decedent has been identified as 55 year old Ilian Lalev.
Accident laws in Dallas
It is not an easy task to figure out who caused an auto accident. Sometimes it is the pure negligence or fault of one of the drivers and sometimes both or all drivers involved may have played a part in causing the accident.
There are three types of states when it comes to accident legislation in the US, “fault state”, “no-fault state”, and “comparative fault state”. Dallas is a comparative fault state, which means that after accident attorneys determine who was at fault and by how much they were at fault, the parties are financially liable for damages depending on the extent of their fault.
This is why it paramount for anyone involved in an auto accident claim to hire a qualified Dallas accident attorney. A sensible lawyer will be able to prove beyond doubt that you were the victim of the accident and not the cause of it. Also, accident attorneys work on a contingency basis, which essentially means you only need to pay them legal fees if and when you are awarded a settlement.

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