Two teenage students from Aurora Central Catholic High School died on the evening of March 10th, 2015, when their vehicle suffered a collision from a tractor-trailer in suburban Rochelle, Chicago.

Teenagers Ran a Red Light
According to the Illinois State Police, the two students were travelling with four of their friends on Route 38, heading westbound, in a white 2005 Acura SUV. The vehicle was carrying two 17-year-olds and four 16-year-olds. The accident, according to police reports, was caused when the driver of the SUV, one of the older students, ran a red light and collided with a southbound tractor-trailer that was turning left.
The teen sitting in the front passenger seat, 16-year old Seth E. Eggerof Montgomery, was pronounced dead at the scene and is said to have died due to blunt force trauma to the head, according to the coroner’s office. It is a shame she was driving with such a sloppy driver. When you have people in your car you should not be driving without paying attention.
The driver and 16-year old Allison P. Bradford, who was in the backseat were rushed to Rochelle Hospital and while the driver was transferred to St. Anthony’s Medical Center in Rockford, Bradford succumbed to blunt force injuries to the neck, head, and chest, said the coroner’s office.
The other three teens in the car are said to have refused treatment. According to officials, Bradford was sitting on the left in the backseat and was the only one in the car not wearing a seatbelt.
Aleksander Smolcic, the 56-year old driver of the truck, was not injured.
Heavy Fog Present
At the time of the crash, there was believed to be heavy fog in the area. On Wednesday morning, a school secretary read a statement to NBC Chicago starting that the two students who were killed were on their way to a school basketball game. The school expressed their condolences to the families of the victims as well as the larger ACC community.
The fatalities were reported by the Illinois State Police early on Wednesday and it was the Kane County Chronicle to first report the connection of the students with the high school.
Aurora city officials released a statement expressing their condolences to the families and friends of the students who passed away as well as to the entire Aurora Central Catholic High School Community.
Meanwhile, the Chargers, the basketball team of the Aurora Central Catholic High School, continued the game as schedule against the Marengo Community High School Indians in the IHSA Sectional Basketball competition.
How a Lawyer can Help in Times of an Accident
Unfortunately the two accident victims would not have been able to benefit from a personal injury lawyer, but if you have been in a car accident and are suffering from emotional distress, physical harm, as well as damage to your vehicle and property, you should contact a personal injury lawyer immediately.
If you are liable to make a claim, a personal injury lawyer can assist you in the process and can also reduce the stress and effort of the process.

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