When you check yourself or a family member into a hospital, it’s easy to trust the health care professionals working there and the input they place on your well-being and healthcare. Sadly, many hospital incidents occur because patients allow medical physicians to make decisions regarding their treatment and many often feel they lose control when going into these facilities. Webmd.com notes that many of these accidents occur because individuals aren’t taking an active role in their healthcare, but they should.

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Medical negligence is common in health care facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers, etc.

Common types of hospital incidents
Individuals are admitted into medical facilities for several different reasons. Illnesses, child-birth, rehab, etc. are all instances that bring us into the hospital and many of these require medication to be distributed. Sadly, this is one of the main risks hospitals pose on our lives as health care professionals sometimes make mistakes with the dosage and/or type of medicine given. Luckily, there are some things you can do to prevent a medicine mix-up and that is to bring any medication you may be taking with you. This is most helpful when you are going to have some type of procedure or surgery done.
Hospitals are also known for the infections they carry within them. If your doctor or nurse neglects to wash their hands frequently and before touching you, you could be at risk of catching MRSA, or an infection in your lungs or blood. Accident attorneys in Jersey City have represented clients who have become rather ill because of this which has affected their lives dramatically.
Treatment after having a surgical procedure done is vital as you do risk the chance of forming blood clots. While doctors should be monitoring their patients to ensure this doesn’t happen, if they neglect to do so, the results could be fatal. To learn more about the other dangerous risks hospitals carry, visit webmd.com. 
Jersey City hospital cited
Just as patients are placed at risk when admitted into a hospital or medical facility, employees too often become the victims of negligence as well. Hoboken Patch recently released a story identifying the Jersey City Medical Center for the citations it received. Apparently a worker was killed in an accident when his life was placed in danger during the changing of a light fixture. The employee fell from a ladder after being shocked by a live circuit. Sadly, the worker did not survive the injuries he sustained after falling from six feet off the ground.
Both patients and employees can become the victim to a medical facility accident and it is important to hold those accountable when such circumstances arise.
Cut your risks
Although we find ourselves at hospitals to attain wellness, these places do have the potential to worsen our conditions. If you or a loved one is harmed in an accident caused by doctor or nurse, you may want to speak with accident lawyer Anthony Carbone in Jersey City, NJ. He can determine whether negligence was a contributing factor and determine the value of your damages.

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