The makers of the Nutribullet Blender are catching a lot of attention from media sources as well as from law firms across the nation for the injuries the blender has caused consumers to sustain. The blender, which claims it “extracts nutrition from within whole foods, providing an easy, tasty, highly absorbable way to consume superfoods,” is now being recognized by Fox 11and other news source sites as a dangerous kitchen tool. The source says that more than 40 million Nutribullet blenders have been sold worldwide, however, more and more victims are coming forward claiming their blender cut them and even left them with severe burn marks.
Fox 11 first began to delve into the issue last fall where people were claiming their Nutribullet exploded. The initial story received more than six million views on the source’s Facebook page and was soon picked up by media outlets around the country. Now, although the advertisement for the Nutribullet claims the product can “change your life, and even save it,” is appears it can change a person’s life, but not for the reasons the advertisement lists.
Fourteen people have already come forward and are suing the company who created the Nutribullet as they all claim their blender’s burst and left them injured and even disfigured. One man said told Fox 11 that his Nutribullet burst just after 15 seconds of using it. He said he went to grab the cup and that’s when it exploded causing his hand to hit the blades. Another woman shared her experience with the blender and said that she had her hands on the device for about 15-20 seconds and that is when hers exploded. The steaming hot contents of the canister sprayed on her face, arms, and chest and she was left with painful, second-degree burns.
But the injuries seem to worsen as the stories are shared.
One woman, who hired a personal injury attorney to represent her, said that her hand was left mutilated and has already undergone six surgeries after her Nutribullet exploded and her hands fell into the blades. She now suffers from chronic pain and a disfigured hand. The lawyer representing this woman and many others has pointed out that issue with the Nutribullet is that it is a sealed vessel that builds up pressure and heat, with no way to for any of it to escape. The blender also doesn’t come equipped with an off or off switch so it essentially builds up so much pressure and heat that the canister shoots off “like a rocket.”
But, Mark Suzumoto, who is the corporate attorney for Nutribullet, has spoken out regarding all of the claims filed against the company and is saying that these accidents are caused by “customer misuse.” He is saying that “it is physically impossible for a Nutribullet to explode after only being on for 15-20 seconds.” Nutribullet is contesting the cases that have been filed against them and is denying responsibility for these injuries these consumers have sustained. Although the lawyer representing the many victims who have suffered from using the Nutribullet says the company could fix the problem by spending $1 more on each unit and installing a Pressure Relief Plug, the company’s attorney says that these devices are already “governed by rigorous safety standards”

Although Nutribullet stated that they are looking into the matter further, it appears they are standing their ground as they fully believe these consumer injuries were all caused by the customer’s themselves.
If you have sustained an injury while using a product the way it was intended to be used and you believe that it wasn’t an accident but was caused by a defect in the product, contact today. We can help you locate an accident lawyer in Houston, TX who can determine if you have a viable case on your hands and how to proceed on so that you can hold the company accountable for their mistakes.

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