If a driver is involved in an accident where they hit their head, they may face serious consequences both in terms of reduced quality of life and financial problems. There are some lawyers who assist people with these kinds of problems and help them afford medical care. 

A man who was ejected from a pickup truck near Houston had to be treated for serious head injuries.

Pickup truck driver was thrown from his vehicle and sustained significant head trauma

The incident occurred in the northeast part of Harris County, Texas. Police received a call to respond to the intersections of North Lake Houston Parkway and Lockwood Road at about 9 pm. An officer with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said that a white Dodge Pickup truck was going eastbound on Lake Houston Parkway when a red Toyota pickup truck suddenly sped through the intersection at Lockwood Road. The two vehicles crashed, and witnesses said that the Toyota truck ran through a red traffic light. 

Deputies on the scene arranged for a life flight helicopter to take the driver of the Toyota to a local hospital after he was ejected from his vehicle. He had sustained serious head injuries, but appeared to be in stable condition.

The Dodge truck driver was not injured and no one else in the area appeared to be hurt. Although the accident was severe, law enforcement does not believe either driver was impaired by drugs or alcohol. A photo from the accident scene posted on social media by police showed that the frame of the red truck was entirely bent and warped. The road was closed at both intersections for some time after the crash.

When someone experiences a head injury in a motor vehicle accident

Accidents involving serious head trauma are often life changing. Medical problems such as concussions and brain damage may prevent a person from functioning and working normally, and they can require long term or permanent treatment. The entity responsible can face financial consequences for causing such a great deal of harm. 

These accidents happen for a number of reasons, but negligent drivers and defective vehicles are two common causes. In either of these situations, it is recommended to talk to a lawyer who can file a civil case against the person of business responsible. They can file a case that asks for lost wages, payment for medical treatment, and other forms of damages that can be shown to be related to the collision. 

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