There are a number of remedies available after an accident results in medical issues or property loss. The services of an accident lawyer are crucial to make sure victims are paid properly through a lawsuit or other means.
A driver in Houston made headlines for crashing his classic car and causing severe damage.
Driver crashes classic car into concrete

Police believe the incident happened just before 11 pm at the intersections of Church Street and 1st Street. The car went into a concrete culvert in the Crosby area of Houston. The car appeared to be severely damaged and the driver also needed to be transported to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries.
Photos showed the 1953 Bentley crushed from the impact, and it appeared that the car was a total loss. A statement from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said that the driver was in fair condition, but no specifics about his injuries were released. The exact cause of the accident was still being investigated and no traffic citations or criminal charges were issued.
Getting paid for property damage
When someone’s property is damaged, their first instinct is usually to contact their insurance company. This is especially true for automobile accidents when drivers have collision insurance. This can be helpful, but there may also be deductibles to pay and other limitations on insurance claims, which prevent proper payment. For severe accidents it is usually beneficial to retain the services of a personal injury attorney, regardless of what happens with the insurance process. They can file a lawsuit that alleges the careless actions of another driver or other person at fault resulted in injuries and other damages. After this, they can make an argument for a payment that is comparable to the harms suffered by their client. This can even include money to pay for things like missed time from work or emotional pain and suffering caused by the crash.
What exactly do accident attorneys do?
An attorney who helps clients deal with the aftermath of an accident will help in a number of ways. Obviously, the injuries to the driver may also become the subject of a lawsuit, as well as property damage. During an initial meeting, the lawyer will discuss the specifics of the accident and what legal doctrines may come into play. They can also begin to formulate a strategy and collect evidence at this time.
In civil lawsuits, the person or business responsible can be made to pay anything relevant that the lawyer can associate with the accident. The accident attorney will advocate on the victim’s behalf to make sure they are compensated properly and with the largest amount possible allowed by law. This can come in the form of a jury verdict after a trial or a settlement agreement that ends that case in exchange for a fair amount of compensation.
Get help from an accident expert in your area
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