Houston, TX – There is an entire area of the civil law that focuses on products that cause harm when used as intended by customers and consumers. This is referred to as products liability, and it is a subset of tort law that seeks to hold manufacturers and distributors accountable for any damage caused by the things that they make and send into the stream of commerce. A person who is hurt may be able to collect damages to pay for treatment for their injuries and related losses.  

Manufacturing errors

Sometimes a product would function normally and without issue, but there is a flaw with the manufacturing process that affects one item or product. This is commonly called a manufacturing error, and the manufacturer will be liable for placing this item for sale at a retailer without noticing any problems or recalling it. 

Defective designs

This problem means that the way a product was designed was inherently dangerous, and the item was not tested or monitored adequately to discover the design problem. Many products or car parts are recalled if the company that owns and creates it finds out that the design is flawed and can cause injuries. 

Types of liability 

For the most part, a company that manufactures a product will be strictly liable for any harm that it causes. This gives companies an incentive to ensure that their products are safe before distribution, because there is little defense once the product has caused an injury. 

There are some limitations on liability. One limitation is if the item was not being used for its intended purpose when it caused an injury. This is why many products come with warning labels and instructions. A victim will not be able to collect any money if they disregarded the warnings and used an item in a dangerous and unintended way. 

Speaking with products liability lawyers

Attorneys who focus on accidents that involve defective products can bring a civil case against the manufacturer, distributor, or anyone else in the stream of commerce who may be responsible. They will usually need details about the specific product, the time and date of the accident, and other relevant pieces of information as to what exactly caused the injury. The attorney can also provide more specific information about what types of damages will be available to the victim based on the severity of their injuries and other factors such as property damage, and lost wages and income.

Learning about the process of taking legal action

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