Houston residents will need legal help after a catastrophic injury

Houston, TX – A person’s life can be changed in an instant if they suffer a catastrophic injury. This can result in long term damage to essential organs, decreased function of the brain, limited physical capacity to perform basic tasks, paralysis, and other health problems that also result in large financial losses. Most individuals and their families simply cannot afford treatment unless they get assistance from a lawyer and take legal action to make the entity at fault pay for these expenses. 

On the job injuries

Work related injuries are a common source of serious medical problems, especially for workers in jobs that are physically demanding, involve heavy machinery, or deal with hazardous materials. Individuals in professions related to construction, driving, and other forms of manual labor are often at high risk. It is possible to file a workers compensation claim after an accident, but these claims only cover lost wages and not things like medical costs, special treatment, and doctor visits. It is important for anyone who is injured on the job to talk to their own attorney before signing a settlement agreement or other documentation from their company.  

Motor vehicle collisions

Automobile accidents are one of the most common sources of injuries and mortality in the United States. A serious collision can cause someone to be hospitalized and require long term treatment before they can return to normal. Some people who are harmed in serious automobile accidents may never work again, or require various types of special care. Victims should contact both their insurance company and a local lawyer to determine the best course of action after a car crash. 

Negligent medical treatment 

It is possible that a doctor or surgeon makes a serious mistake while operating on an individual. In some cases, these mistakes may be fatal or result in permanent health problems. Any mistake while someone is under the care of a doctor can technically be considered medical malpractice. The damages available can depend on the severity of the mistake made by any healthcare professional. It is important for victims to remember that doctors and nurses are held to a higher standard of care than most other workers, due to their specialized experience and training. A hospital system may be attached as a defendant in the lawsuit as well if the administration was negligent in their training and monitoring practices. 

Getting assistance from a local attorney after a catastrophic injury

There are some firms that bring civil cases against the person or business responsible for any kind of serious or life changing injury. Blizzard Law is a trusted firm in the Houston area that has extensive experience dealing with all of the incidents listed above.

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