Minor accidents can actually be used as a teaching point to demonstrate certain issues because they bring up a number of important legal doctrines.
An accident in Fort Myers involved a police officer who was in the process of responding to another incident in the area.

Fort Myers cop hit while responding
The crash occurred at the intersection of Colonial Boulevard and Winkler Ave on a Tuesday night. The police vehicle had its emergency lights and siren active en route to a problem in the area when it was struck by another car. The drivers of both cars sustained minor injuries, and the officer was in the hospital recovering at the time the news report was published. No further information regarding the other driver or if they would be charged for the accident was available.
A few different legal problems
When an accident involves a government employee, someone who is working, and other vehicles there are several important issues that may be relevant to any subsequent lawsuit. This particular accident brings up sovereign immunity, workers compensation, and employer liability.
Sovereign immunity
If the other driver attempts to sue the police department, the damages that they can potentially collect will be limited by the doctrine of sovereign immunity. When a government entity is responsible for any injuries in a tort law or personal injury case, the amount of damages that the victim can collect are limited to $200,000 in Florida. This is sufficient for most minor or moderate car accidents, but some plaintiffs who experience significant losses at the hands of the government can get shortchanged.
Workers compensation
Because the officer was working, there may also be related claims for workers compensation. This is a way for employees to receive compensation while missing work due to job related injuries. As a general rule, people who are hurt at work do receive certain legal protections and they are usually able to collect their normal lost wages when missing time. Many attorneys who specialize in both personal injury and employment law can provide specific guidance based on the circumstances surrounding an accident at work.
Vicarious liability
The victim in the civilian car may also be able to hold the department responsible because the accident occurred while the officer was working. Employers are strictly liable for the negligence of their employees in most cases, as long as they were engaged in their regular job duties when an accident happens. Based on the level of fault of each driver and the specific cause of the accident, it may be possible for this driver to sue the police department.
General negligence rules
In most situations, after a person is hurt in a car accident, they can try to collect money from other people or entities involved. The amount that they will be able to collect is relative to the severity of their injuries or other problems caused by the accident. Personal injury lawyers routinely guide clients through this process while working through negligence cases.
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