How are road conditions relevant to accident lawsuits in Zachary?

Zachary, LA – The roads can be a dangerous place because of various problems that affect drivers, including other vehicles. If an accident happens due to some kind of road condition, there can potentially be a few different sources of problems that will be relevant if the person wants to make an insurance claim or file a lawsuit. More specific advice should always come from a lawyer with experience in this field if anyone involved in a crash plans to file a civil lawsuit for compensation or if they feel that their insurance claim will not be sufficient to handle their problems. 


Many areas in Louisiana and other states experience high volumes of congestion, especially around rush hour on weekdays as people travel to or return from their jobs. With higher volumes of cars on the road, it is likely that there will be a collision when drivers have less room for error. Multiple vehicles getting caught in a crash at high traffic times is also possible, and this can mean that there can be difficulty establishing fault during the investigation. However, Louisiana’s laws allow for fault to be divided between multiple vehicles under the principles of comparative negligence. 

Severe weather

Conditions such as rain, wind, hail, and fog can all contribute to accidents. This cause of accidents can also be very frustrating because the weather is outside of any person’s control. While there may need to be an investigation to determine the exact cause of an accident, if the weather is the only factor it will be difficult or unlikely for the victim to ask for compensation through a lawsuit and an insurance claim will probably be their best option. 

Bad road design and maintenance

Although it may not be obvious when thinking about motor vehicle accidents, most roads are designed and maintained by government agencies at the local, state, and federal level. These government entities are responsible for keeping the roads safe. They can potentially be named in a lawsuit if there is evidence that the design of the road was unsafe and likely to cause accidents, or if the road was not properly maintained and debris or other conditions that should have been fixed contributed to a crash. 

Assistance after an accident

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